Soft white sand, crystal clear salt water and wild kangaroos effortlessly hopping past on large granite rocks - welcome to Wineglass Bay in Tasmania. A hidden sanctuary accessible only by foot in Freycinet National Park, Wineglass Bay is a must for those planning on visiting Tasmania. It feels like yesterday I was at Freycinet National Park, throwing on my backpack and hiking up the steep mountain in the direction of the Wineglass Bay lookout. Surprisingly it was quite tough! Whilst that might have been due to a nasty bout of the flu, hiking to the lookout is not for the faint hearted.

I was recently in Tasmania on a weekender to explore the stunning island, thanks to Discover Tasmania. The landscape and wide-open spaces are something I’ve never seen in my life, and you’ll often hear me describe Tasmania as wild, romantic and untouched.

Taking just over an hour in the heat of the midday sun, we finally made it to the lookout and were rewarded with the most stunning of vistas. Wineglass Bay is called as such due to its particular curve. Voted as one of the top ten beaches in the world, Wineglass Bay is a very special piece of paradise.

Surprisingly a lot of people choose to stay at the lookout, however we love adventure! So we braved the somewhat treacherous and rocky footpath and literally ran down the other side of the mountain towards Wineglass Bay. We were literally running because we were against the clock and knew the sun would soon start to set. Trust me, you don’t want to be driving around Tasmania at dusk – you run the very serious risk of your car hitting many adventurous kangaroos and other local wildlife. It’s quite intense and dangerous!

The hike down to Wineglass Bay from the lookout takes another 30 to 45 minutes. Coming through thick bush, our senses were pleasantly assaulted with what is still to this day one of the most gorgeous beaches I’ve ever set foot on. Choosing to cool off and go for a quick swim, we soon found ourselves exploring around the granite rocks that were being smashed by the undulating ocean.

When we realised we were the only people left on the beach and the sun was fading, we raced to put our clothes back on and covered ourselves in insect repellent – the mosquitoes were out in force. Running against the sunset, we found ourselves racing fast up the mountain to beat the impending darkness. Plus we wanted to get back to our private mountainous retreat (see here), cook dinner and enjoy cuddling in front of the cosy fireplace. Oh Tasmania…

TRIP NOTES What: Wineglass Bay Where: East Coast, Freycinet National Park, Tasmania When: All year round How: Drive to Freycinet National Park and park at the entrance to the Wineglass Bay hiking trail Cost: It costs $12 per person to enter the park