I’ve read many stories about people who quit their day jobs, sell everything they own, organise their postal redirect, buy a one way ticket and travel the world full time. Imagine what that would be like! Exploring the mountains in Arizona one day and shopping in Paris the next - travelling full time sounds like the perfect lifestyle. When you travel fill time you are your own boss; there are no deadlines, commitments, agenda or meetings. You can see and do whatever you like. You can take risks and not even care. You will feel free and completely at peace. However when I talk to friends about travelling full time and having the means to do so, they always wonder “how can I do that?” and end up feeling downcast when they think about their current commitments at home – work, debt, family, pets, mortgage and relationships all impact that decision of travelling full time.

The concern for me is that I don’t want any of you feeling this way! Travelling full time is not for everyone. For the lucky few who are able to live a nomadic existence, there really is only a lucky few. And truthfully speaking, many of them wouldn’t have had much to leave behind. For the majority of us, this roaming lifestyle isn’t realistic. What I want you to know is that you CAN travel the world without leaving everything behind. I want you to know that you CAN travel the world and keep your job. You just need to put in a little bit more effort and time.

So what does a travel blogger think about this nomadic lifestyle? For every travel blogger I’ve met their response has been different. For me personally, I could never travel full time. I love travelling but I love having a home to return to. I love working as a social media consultant, and I love working on my new side hustle – The Workshop Hub. And whilst I love travelling the world, travelling full time doesn’t appeal to me. I bet you never guessed that! Or maybe you did if you keep up to date with my plans to build a cabin…

I bet you’re wondering now – why don’t you have to quit your job to travel the world? It’s easy - grab your notebook, pen and follow these steps below!

Why You Don't Have To Quit Your Job To Travel The World

TIME MANAGEMENT Whether you work full time or you’re a student, when it comes to travelling it’s all about managing your time. Lock in your travel dates and work back from that. Manage the time you have to plan, research, budget and book your trip. I am a huge fan of getting away on the weekends, so in between your bigger trips make sure you go on day trips or weekend trips at least twice a month to fuel your wanderlust!

WILL WORK FOR TRAVEL Welcome to my world! Whether it’s starting a blog, going on a school excursion, doing volunteer work for an overseas charity, getting a transfer with your job or teaching a language abroad, there are many ways you can work for travel. Including working for an airline! I did it when I was studying full time at university. I worked as a flight attendant for two years and got paid to travel all around Australia – it was one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. Also, see how flexible your boss is with taking leave without pay. You might be surprised with their response!

TRAVEL SMARTER, SPEND LESS And by this I mean your savings and spendings. If you are serious about travelling the world, you need to get serious about your money. May I offer you my simple travel equation to ensure you get to travel as much as possible: Less spendings plus more savings equals more travel. It really is that simple! To travel the world you will need to plan and you will need to give up some luxuries. If you don’t have a lot of money – no worries! Start with shorter trips closer to home. If you want to prioritise an overseas trip, cut back on coffees, brunches and shopping. Get yourself a separate savings account that you can’t touch until you leave for your trip and push yourself to save as much as possible!

BE YOUR OWN TOURIST I mentioned earlier to fuel your wanderlust between trips by taking smaller, weekend trips. So be a tourist in your own country! Jump online, research and plan day trips or long weekends. When I lived in London, I would make it a priority to have a touristy weekend at least once a month. And that saw me do all the touristy things you take for granted when you live in a city.

PLAN YOUR BUCKET LIST We all want everything – now. But in fact, you don’t. Trust me! Your dream destination isn’t going anywhere. You have your whole life ahead of you to explore the world. My suggestion? Write down your ultimate bucket list. Plan one (or two or three if you’re lucky!) overseas trip each year and scatter each year with smaller trips closer to home.


How does travelling full time make you feel? Could you do it? If not, what's holding you back? Would love to know your thoughts!