As I write this, I am sitting inside a little cabin in the middle of the Icelandic wilderness overlooking a black sandy beach, and I’m smiling because travel makes me happy. Whether I’m exploring a new destination, swimming in a different ocean, hiking an unchartered mountain, road tripping through the wilderness or pounding the pavement in a city, travel is the one thing I find the most rewarding, both personally and physically.

When Bupa Travel Insurance recently asked me why travel makes me so happy, I had many reasons! In light of this, I thought I would share 10 reasons why travel makes you a happier person.


10 Reasons Why Travel Makes You Happier


IT TAKES YOU OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE Travel doesn’t always run smoothly; delayed flights, missing bags, overspending, lack of Wi-Fi, not speaking the local language - these take you out of your comfort zone but in the end, it always makes you a happier person because you were pushed out of your comfort zone and you learned from your experience.

IT BRINGS NEW EXPERIENCES Whether it’s meeting new people, exploring a new destination, eating unusual food or speaking a different language, travel brings new experiences, which you treasure for a lifetime.

IT BUILDS SELF CONFIDENCE Unexpected situations whilst travelling are a given, so learning how to deal with them boosts self-confidence and makes you a much happier person.

IT MAKES YOU CREATIVE I’ve always said that my best ideas come when I travel because I am so inspired by the places I visit and the people I meet on the road. It also refreshes my mind. So if you’re in a creative rut, travel – it will open your mind and allow you to be as creative as you want to be.

IT BREAKS ROUTINE Throw workplace monotony of a nine to give five day out the window when you travel. Breaking your routine when you travel makes you happier, trust me.

IT MAKES YOU APPRECIATE YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS Travelling often means you’ll be away from your family and friends. And there really is no place like home, so travel will make you happy because it will show you how much you love and appreciate your family and friends, and not to take them for granted.

IT MAKES YOU MINDFUL Being mindful is one of the most important aspects of travelling. By switching off your mobile phone and putting your camera away, you’ll be more mindful of the place your exploring, and therefore – happier.

IT BROADENS YOUR EDUCATION I’ve always learned more by experience than sitting in a lecture theatre at university – and travel is the same! Travelling broadens your education and knowledge like nothing else will.

IT MAKES YOU MORE INTERESTING Remember when you ate lavender ice cream in Tasmania, sky dived in New Zealand, bought spices in a souk in Marrakech, ate a macaroon under the Eiffel Tower in Paris and saw the Northern Lights in Iceland? I do! And I love being able to share my stories with loved ones. Travel and the experiences and memories it brings makes you more interesting.

IT MAKES YOU SEE BEAUTY WHERE OTHERS DON’T As you travel you’ll soon realise it makes you humble and you learn appreciate the simple things in life. You appreciate the moments of finishing a 45km trek in Peru, facing your fears and going heli skiing in New Zealand and swimming with sharks in Jamaica. Now that's got to put a smile on your face.


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