I can’t believe it’s here – I am on my honeymoon with Jason and Dusty! We have arrived in Cinque Terre, our first stop in our adventure around Europe. We’re staying in the cutest Airbnb right in the heart of Riomaggiore and it feels amazing to finally be on holidays after the most romantic wedding with our friends and family by our side. My heart is full!

Packing for a holiday is so exciting because you want all of your outfits to look amazing. But there is the practical side to traveling around Europe in summer too because it’s hot, very hot. And when you have to haul a travel cot and a pram with you, as well as a baby, the last thing I wanted were heavy suitcases filled with clothes I wouldn't wear. Packing for this trip has been super fun, so read on to find out what I took and what I learned. 


If you live in the opposite hemisphere to Europe and want to pick up some new pieces for your trip, chances are, styles will be moving into autumn and winter – jumpers, jeans and the like. I knew this would be the case, so planning ahead and shopping the summer sales from Australia has been key for me to pulling together my holiday wardrobe. I also didn’t want to get stuck buying new pieces right before my honeymoon, as there are a lot of expenses ahead of a wedding. Because of this, I have been slowly piecing together the perfect summer wardrobe over the last three months.


I am a planner and an organiser, but one area I fail in is packing. I always pack too much; my clothes don’t go together, and I find myself wearing the same couple of outfits on rotation. But this time I wanted things to be different and I decided to choose a small set of colours and stick to them. I looked at my wardrobe, noted what colours I wear the most and what colours make me feel happy and comfortable when I wear them. I found out that my colour palette consists of white, neutrals, yellows, reds and black, and I made sure to stick to this colour pattern with prints and patterns. Having structure with colours has certainly made it a lot easier to plan my packing.



Choosing a small set of colours, prints and patterns that are cohesive and make it easier to get dressed on your holiday each day is really important. It’s also important to maximise comfort and choose the best fabrics to suit those warm (ok hot) summer days in Europe. I am all for linen and cotton. I avoid silk because I don't have time to iron on my honeymoon. I also avoid polyester and heavy fabrics as they’ll make me sweat and feel uncomfortable - especially in summer.



Got blisters on your feet from wearing cute but totally impractical shoes? The worst. And I should know, I’ve been there, done that. Choosing footwear is so important but you also need to be mindful that they take up a lot of valuable space and weight in your suitcase. For this trip, I packed a pair of walking sneakers, my trusted white canvas Vans, two pairs of sandals and a pair of espadrilles. I am not a high heel girl these days but if you are, definitely throw a pair in. Although I have found, sandals and espadrilles are totally acceptable for the evenings in Europe during summer. Plus who wants to walk up hundreds of steps in Positano wearing high heels - not me!



I am a fan of picking and mixing my bikinis. I never wear the same set together; I just love pairing different colours and prints. It’s certainly meant I haven’t needed to pack multiple bikinis or swimsuits. Instead, I pack two bottoms and three tops. This means I get to mix it up every single day as the tops and bottoms go with each other in whichever combination I wear them in. My pick n mix bikinis are from Matteau, Fella, Abby Rose and Reina Olga swimwear!



My key piece for this holiday are my linen high waisted pants. I feel so agile and comfortable in them. For this trip I have based my packing around these; I admit I am taking four pairs of high waisted linen pants (white, mustard, black and natural) but they are perfect for the hot summer days and I’m all for sticking to a style I love. I also love being able to get back into high wasted pants after being pregnant for nine months. Can't get me out of them! Other key pieces are my two straw bags from Sarah at Boheme Goods and my pearl sea shell earrings from Reliquia. I wear these every day!



I can guarantee that no matter how much you plan and prep your packing, there will still be items you won’t wear on your holiday. I like to lay out my clothes in the week leading up to my holiday and every day, I get brutal and pull items out. By the end of the week, I am always surprised at how much I’ve taken out. Additionally, I’ve never been on a holiday where I haven’t done a spot of shopping, so I remember to factor in some space in my suitcase when I leave home in case I do buy some things on my travels.