Guys, I’m in a blogging slump and I’m ok with that. Over the last few weeks, I have started to feel somewhat sluggish about travel blogging and I have finally been able to recognise why; there are a few things happening in my world at the moment that are taking priority. I launched a new business I launched Your Creative Start (a creative social media and design studio) late last year. We’ve got seven clients, a team of two, a cute studio to work from, and the entrepreneurial power to do what we want, when we want and how we want is the best feeling. Our model is simple; we specialise in social media, branding, website design and workshops, and whilst we are located by the beach, we are globally minded. I love waking up every day knowing we have the ability to help creative brands become known for their something. So I guess it’s no surprise I can feel my career path shift a little.

I have lots happening at home My ‘at home’ life is busier than ever. We’re currently talking about getting engaged, a wedding and babies. We’re also in the midst of building our dream home at Sunrise Beach, which might I add is taking for-ev-er. I crave a quiet life, one that’s not being judged by how many followers I have on Instagram and how many people read my blog posts. I think that’s what I love most about Your Creative Start, is that our work is being judged by our creativity and experience and expertise – not social media numbers and unique visitors. It’s been absolutely refreshing!

The thing is, I know this doesn’t just happen to people who have a blog – it happens to every single one of us at some stage in our careers. It’s that constant work life balance battle and it also has to do with growing up; I’m in my 30s now and I am starting to crave a much quieter life. However, instead of making myself feel down and out because I am in a blogging slump, I thought I would write this blog post to help others who are also on this same journey, enjoy!

TAKE A BREAK Are you used to blogging five, three or two times a week? Is the pressure of coming up with creative content and writing making you feel exhausted? If it is, then you simply need to take a break. If you’re feeling the blogging slump, walk away from your computer and take a break for a week, a month or a year. In fact, when I used to work in PR, an old boss of mine used to say to my team “we’re in PR, not ER,” and this empowering reality check certainly applies to blogging.

GET OUTDOORS I know I say this all – the – time but the best thing to do whenever you’re in a blogging slump or a creativity rut or a work low, is to get outdoors. There is something super special about being outdoors, exploring nature, embarking on a long hike, or going for a swim in the ocean. It does wonders for your soul.

BE PRESENT As things are changing with social media so much lately, I have made a very conscience decision not to spend as much time on it as I used to. I used to post two sometimes three posts a day on Instagram, and now I probably post three times a week. Why? Because there is so much more to life than being stuck to our phones with our necks bent as we look down and obsesses over social media. When I finish work for the day, I deliberately leave my phone in my studio and don’t look at it until I am heading to bed and need to set my alarm for the next day.

RE-VISIT YOUR GOALS When you’re in a blogging slump, it’s the perfect time to re-visit your goals. Have a look at them – what have you achieved? What needs changing or updating? Do you have any goals you want to delete from your list? Is blogging what you really want to be doing? Understand and analyse your goals, and update them.


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