Over the Easter long weekend, I went to Alice Springs and part of this trip included a three day tour of Uluru (see my adventures at Uluru here), The Olga's, Kings Canyon and the Garden of Eden in the Northern Territory. The day I went to The Olga's is was raining. And I mean like really raining. We were told by our guide that it only rains in the Alice Springs region once or twice a year, and the day we went to The Olga' rained. I had two choices: sit on the bus for three hours with the majority of the tour group listening to a Mexican snore, or throw on some warm clothes and join about six people from the tour group and brave the torrential rain. Obviously I chose the latter. Within, oh about, five minutes we were all well and truly soaked through. Yes that includes shoes and underwear. But none of us had a care in the world as we hiked around The Olga's battling slippery rocks, fierce winds, torrential rain and wading through waist high creeks. However seeing waterfalls running off The Olga's appear before our eyes is something I'll always remember.

Sadly I wasn't able to take my camera with me on the hike, but I managed to get some photos at the end when the rain finally started to subside. After our hike, and changing into fresh warm clothes and shoes, we hopped back onto the tour bus and on our way to the next camping spot we stopped to cherry pick wood for our fire. Bliss!