There is something quite romantic about a winter weekender. I'm not sure if its the cosy mornings spent under blankets with a loved one or feeling the fresh wind blowing a breeze through my hair when I go hiking. I do know however that it is the crisp smell of snow which makes a winter weekender all that more wonderful. In summer you'll often find me swimming and luxuriating under the warm sun at Icebergs in Bondi on my weekends as well as exploring secluded beaches which you only come across off the beaten track. And in winter you'll find me hiking through the Australian country and planning a winter weekender with friends at the snow. I was so lucky to have parents who got me into skiing from a very young age. Every winter we would drive down to Perisher and spend a week shredding the slopes. Sadly as I grew up we would spend more and more holidays by the beach, and eventually 15 or so years had passed between ski trips. Living in London, the eternal cloud covered city, meant I was able to reignite my love for skiing as there are literally thousands of slopes to choose from all around Europe. Hello Tignes! What a trip. Fast forward to today, almost 18 months since I moved back to Australia and I haven't lost the edge or the need to go skiing. Hello Perisher!

How to get there Getting to Thredbo and Perisher in NSW Australia is super easy. If you live in Sydney, it's about a six hour drive from the CBD past Canberra to Jindabyne. Most people choose to base themselves here as it's central to both Thredbo and Perisher, amongst other snow fields. If you don't live in Sydney or Canberra, it's too easy to book a flight to those destinations and organise a hire car or connecting bus. 

What to do Last year my friends and I skied Thredbo over a weekender. Whilst it was a super fun trip, we felt restricted by the limited number of chair lifts and runs. This year, and with a much larger group of friends, we decided to hit the slopes for three days of fun. The first day we hit up Thredbo and sadly the conditions were the worst I'd ever experienced - exposed rock, high winds, frozen grass, mud and lots of ice. Lucky for us we spent the next two days skiing and snow boarding through the white abyss that was Perisher. Triple the amount of chair lifts, every run was both new and exciting. The snow coverage was so thick and dense it was as though we stepped out the back of a wardrobe and into Narnia.

On the Saturday night the region received over eight inches of snow, we were therefore very keen to hit the slopes early so we packed the Range Rover and headed up the mountain to Perisher. On the way we drove into an incredible snow storm and as we glided to a halt that eventually moved slowly up the mountain, I took out my camera to capture the wonder that was before us. A once in a lifetime moment.