Yes, there more things to see and do in Marrakech! Souks If you're serious about shopping, you need to get to Marrakech where the alleyways that make up the souks spill over with exotic treasures. The city's souk district, which is near Djemaa El-Fna, is a haven for bargain shoppers. Although French is always welcome, most sellers have good English. Haggling, obviously, is obligatory – you really will be expected to negotiate hard. A little friendly chat will bring you better prices and a good feeling all around.

If you’re there for gourmet, you will find it very easy to fill your bags with tea, dates and an array of colourful spices. If you’re into interior design, then spend your dihrams on traditional Moroccan carpets, tea pots, lanterns and woodwork. For those who love fashion there is a plethora of fabric, leather and jewellery. I bought myself a shell collar necklace which I still absolutely love.

Medina Walls As you know by reading my previous articles about Marrakech here and here, then you'll know the medina is surrounded by high walls acting as to protect the city. To escape the hectic pace of the city, simply walk outside the medina and around the walls. It truly is a sight to behold.

Menara Gardens Built in the 12th century during the early years of the Almohad dynasty, the Menara Gardens are located to the west of the medina in Marrakech. I try and walk as much as possible on weekenders to really get a feel for the city I'm in, so I didn't think twice when I set off to walk from the medina walls to Menara. In hindsight I wouldn't recommend anyone do that, especially in searing 45 degree heat. There are lots of taxi's outside the medina walls so simply hail one and agree on a price before you set off. The entrance is surrounded by a stunning olive orchad which grows around a huge man made reservoir with a romantic pavillion overlooking the water.