You think as a travel blogger, I would know how to pack - right? Not always the case, surprise! Even I sometimes fail miserably when it comes to packing, although I have learned a few tricks of the trade over time which I thought I would share with you. So here are 11 ways to pack lighter on your next holiday.

11 Ways to pack lighter

Choose the right bag One of the most important things when it comes to travelling is having the right bag. There’s nothing worse than lugging around an uncomfortable bag, so make sure you choose the right bag. And most importantly, think small!

Pack Early Packing early is one of the best ways to cut down that weight. By packing up to a week in advance, you can re-assess everything closer to your departure date and ask yourself, “do I really need to pack this…?”

Use an eReader Sounds simple, yes but a eReader (like a Kindle) can be an effective weight saver. By going digital you can carry around an entire library without the added weight. It’s a win, win situation!

Buy toiletries when you arrive Buying toiletries when you arrive will not only help cut down on weight, but potentially save a mess. There’s nothing worse than opening your bag to find everything is covered in shampoo! This has happened to me waaaay too many times to remember.

Choose the right shoes Shoes are one of the most heaviest items to have in your bag, so try to bring only the pair you're wearing. If not, wear the heaviest pair when flying to help avoid excess baggage fees.

Roll your clothes Not so much a weight saver, but a space saver! You will be surprised by how much space you will save by rolling your clothes.

Make a list Make a list of everything you need to bring. It helps you cut out the unnecessary items and to remember the important ones!

One of each rule Use the one of each rule, where you can! You’ll be surprised by how much unnecessary items you will cut out. Besides you don’t really need three pair of jeans, do you?

Wear your heaviest clothes on the flight Nothing cuts weight like wearing your hiking boots, jeans and a bulky jacket on a flight. I’ve even had a friend who wore three coats on one flight to avoid baggage fees...genius.

Buy it It might sound counterproductive, but you can always buy another shirt if you need one!

Maximising your space Pack smaller items like chargers or socks into every available space, like your shoes!

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