It’s crazy to believe Mister Weekender is two years old! A lot has happened in this short amount of time – numerous overseas trips, tummy bugs, collaborating with brands, delayed flights, meeting other bloggers, dealing with jetlag - and I am so excited about what this year will bring. There have been a lot of highs, and trust me, a lot of lows. And mistakes. Boy oh boy have there been some killer mistakes #cringe! To ensure your blogging journey is a little bit smoother than mine, here are 11 ways to make your blog better today. KEEP THE EXPERIENCE SIMPLE Don’t get side tracked with making your blog look beautiful for you; it has to be easy for your readers to navigate. When you design your blog, think about the experience of your readers, and keep it simple. Ask yourself, if someone is visiting your website for the first time will they know quickly what your blog is about?

GET GOOGLE ANALYTICS If you have a blog and you don’t have Google Analytics, stop what you’re doing and get it now. Google Analytics is a great tool to see who is coming to your blog, from where and what your readers love reading the most. Bloggers shouldn’t obsess over analytics but at least check in once a month and use these insights to create even better content.

CREATE A POSTING SCHEDULE I cannot stress how important it is to have a blogging schedule. Planning, creating and scheduling content in advance creates a seamless workflow. It also helps with days when the last thing you feel like doing is writing a blog post. For me, it helps when I am travelling because I can enjoy the destination I’m exploring without having to worry about rushing back to my hotel to post a blog.

CREATE EXCITING HEADLINES Writing a blog post can be a big effort, but don’t be slack when it comes to the heading. Make sure it’s interesting, describes what the blog post about without being too vague, and is SEO’able.

USE IMAGES TO BREAK UP YOUR CONTENT Photography is one of the most powerful ways to get people to keep coming back to your blog; so make sure they’re sh*t hot. If you’re not confident with a camera, either practise, practise, practise or get a friend to help you out.

SHOW YOUR PERSONALITY This is one I often struggle with! Mostly because I don’t want my blog to me about me, I want it to be about the destination I’m exploring. Over time I feel like I am getting a bit more confident with my ‘voice’ but it’s a battle. I just keep reminding myself that there is only one of me in the world and to celebrate that. Also, don’t try to mimic other bloggers – people will see straight through it and it won’t stick because you’re not being you.

DON’T WRITE ABOUT EVERYTHING Trying to be everything to everyone is not going to bring your blog success. Find your voice and blog about a topic you are passionate about. I mostly blog about travel, but I am also passionate about living a minimalist life, beautiful wilderness cabins and sharing my blogging experiences with others. Over time your blogging topics will change with your interests; it’s just important to be known for your something – not everything.

USE A TO DO LIST An effective To Do List is one of the most powerful tools I use as a travel blogger; without it, I’m lost! It’s actually something I am really passionate about and you can read my tips for writing an effective To Do List here.

SKILL UP Even today, I take all the photos you see on my blog. Am I photographer? I don’t think so, but over time I have practised and practised, and now I find I am getting work because of my photography. Am I a graphic designer? By all means, absolutely no. But I can’t afford to get a graphic designer to help me every time I want to put words on a photo, so I watched tutorials on YouTube and practiced. So now I can do most of my graphic design myself. So skill up! It’s worth it.

BE ACTIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA Be as active on social media as you can! But also know you don’t have to be on every social media platform; I love Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. I used to be on Twitter but I didn’t love it, so late last year I cancelled my account. And it felt good! So start with one or two social media platforms, and see how you go.

CREATE A KILLER MEDIA KIT Whether you have 1,000 poeple visiting your blog every month or 100,000 people – create a killer media kit to share with brands who you want to work with, or who want to work with you. This is a great tool to show brands lots of nitty gritty details about your blog such as readership views, demographics, brands you work with, what people say about you etc.

Do you have any tips for bloggers to help them along with their journey? If so, I'd love to hear them so please feel free to comment below.