Feel like you’re in a bit of a rut? Getting frustrated because you can’t come up with amazing ideas? Is procrastination sinking in because you’re not sure what to do next? Feel like you lack a bit creativity? Don’t worry you’re not alone. It doesn’t matter if you are a creative director, entrepreneur, blogger or artist, sometimes creativity doesn’t flow freely, or easily. So here are 46 ways to feel creative (that actually work). Tips To Feel Creative

1. Ask the right questions

2. Be open minded and never judge

3. Throw out something you’re working on if it’s not working

4. Think quickly without overthinking

5. Exercise every day

6. Declutter your life – work, home and play

7. Become an expert in your field by experiencing rather than doing

8. Play with children’s toys to clear your mind

9. Spend more time with your friends

10. Read a lot of books

11. Make something for yourself that has nothing to do with your career

12. Be aware of your surroundings

13. Create an inspiration wall or fill a box with items that inspire you; look and play with these when you’re in a creativity rut

14. Express your feelings

15. Collaborate with like-minded people

16. Create your own luck by noticing the things around you

17. Go on a holiday (I like this one best!)

18. See the beauty in everything

19. Listen to TED talks and podcasts

20. Develop a morning ritual (I like to exercise as soon as I wake up)

21. Get a mentor

22. Grab some ‘you time’ – its essential

23. Silence your inner critic

24. Celebrate other people’s creativity

25. Don’t be a workaholic

26. Think about the future and what may change in your field

27. Don’t let mistakes annoy you

28. Go for a swim in the ocean

29. Get a fresh perspective

30. Experiment with your work

31. Learn something new, such as a language or how to surf

32. Get outdoors and go hiking

33. Sleep on it

34. Shake up your surroundings

35. Watch a few movies

36. Don’t get bogged down with admin, emails can always wait

37. Never stop learning

38. Stop telling yourself you’re not creative

39. Always carry a notebook to write down ideas when they strike

40. Set a time aside each day for 30 minutes to free write in a journal

41. Engage with people who have different interest to you

42. Look in unlikely places

43. Finish what you start

44. Remove obstacles to creativity, such as mobile devices and television

45. Creativity is a muscle so exercise it daily

46. Don’t give up, ever


What are some other ways you use to revamp your own creativity?