Have you ever come home from the holiday of your dreams with a suitcase jam packed with souvenirs? If you answered yes, don’t worry – we’ve all done the same. But that’s the beauty of travel; bringing home those trinkets, treasures and keepsakes that remind you of the places you’ve travelled to and the experiences you’ve had make jamming your suitcase worth it. So what do you do when your souvenirs start piling up and collecting dust? Well I’ve come up with a cute project that will give your treasured travel treasured souvenirs the attention they deserve and inspire you to continue to have adventures. These DIY Travel Souvenir Glass Jars offer the perfect place to store notes and coins, maps, tickets, stickers and trinkets. If anything, I hope they'll be little reminders to go on an adventure, explore and discover the world.

Wanderlust DIY Travel Souvenir Glass Jars and Mister Weekender

WHAT YOU NEED 1. Souvenirs from your travels 2. Glass jars (these can be found at your local supermarket, hipster café or market)

DIY Travel Souvenir Glass Jars and Mister Weekender

Step One: Clean you glass jar/s under hot water, use detergent and towel dry Step Two: Collect your trinkets, treasures and keepsakes Step Three: Place your souvenirs into the glass jars – you can theme them by country, colour, types of items Step Four: Place your DIY Travel Souvenir Glass Jars in your favourite place at home or work



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