Ubud is such a lovely change of pace from the hustle and bustle of Seminyak where I was based during my recent trip to Bali. The refreshingly dense tropical rain forest gave us a respite somewhat from the searing heat of Seminyak. Earlier in the day we started off our tour of Ubud, which included a stop off the World Heritage listed rice terraces and the Ubud Markets before arriving at the Monkey Forest. Brave it if you will; however I did not feel confident exploring the Ubud Monkey Forest unguided.

I had been told some interesting stories from friends warning me about the naughty monkey’s rifling through bags and running off with personal belongings, such as wallets. Our lovely guide confirmed this by advising not to bring any bags or loose belongings, including hats or sunglasses, with us.

Arriving at the Monkey Forest, we were able to purchase bunches of banana’s to give to the monkey’s, however our guide told us not to, unless we wanted large groups of monkeys jumping all over us. Nuh-uh! Not for me. Whilst we found the monkey’s really curious, their cuteness didn’t fool me. Cheeky monkey’s! It was also fantastic having a guide who gave us a lesson in the history of the Monkey Forest, and also guided us to a sacred temple.

Before entering the temple, we were required to pay a small entrance fee and were given a sarong to tie around our waists out of respect. Exploring the area surrounding the temple, we noticed that the number of monkey’s had dramatically dropped in numbers. Maybe they didn’t think they looked good in the sarongs? And whilst I was initially hesitant to visit the Monket Forest, in hindsight, I am really glad we did.