I recently found myself travelling solo around Mt Cook in New Zealand and managed to catch up with a couple of friends for a day of hiking; they happened to be in New Zealand at the same time as me. Needless to say, it got me thinking. Is travelling with friends a hit or a miss? For me, it's always been a hit. Here's why.


They know you well

Chances are when you travel with friends, they'll know you well. Which means, they'll be able to read your mood and know when to give you space and when to ramp things up.


They show you new things

Travelling with friends is a hit because whilst friends share many common interests, they also can show us new things. This is a big plus when you travel!


They can help take photos

Ever travelled solo and couldn't quite muster up the courage to ask someone to take a photo of you? And then when you did, the photo was, well, crap? No longer! When you travel with friends they can help take photos of you - just remember to offer to take their photo as well. 


They give you confidence

Travelling with friends is a hit because they can give you the confidence to do things you might not have done on your own - such as sky diving. Remember this? 


They can give you advice

From budgeting to purchases, friends are on hand whilst you travel to give you advice every step of the way.


They keep you safe

Travelling with friends is a huge hit as you'll always be safe; you'll always have someone by your side, knowing where you are, what you're doing and to be around if any sticky situations arise (and hopefully they won't!)


Photo by Aimee Dodge

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