I'm baaack!

You may have noticed I dropped off the radar a couple of months ago. I consciously decided to take some time off from travelling and Mister Weekender to enjoy being pregnant in my third trimester as well as being a new mum to my little mate Dusty, who was born at sunset on the 2nd of August. 

As I am coming to the end of my 'offical' self imposed maternity leave, I am back with a fresh Mister Weekender website and lots of exciting and different content, which I am very excited about! 

You can expect lots of travel, adventure and nature - of course. But I'll also be sharing more of my day to day adventures, showcasing my favourite spots to eat and shop around the world, as well as more of the beautiful boutique hotels where I get to stay. I want Mister Weekender to be more diverse than it has before, so I hope you like where I plan on taking it!

I am also super excited to introduce a new section on Mister Weekender dedicated to young family travel, where I'll be sharing my tips on travelling with kids as well as the best kid-friendly places and stays around the world. You can find this in the main menu under Guides + Tips

Whilst I haven't been able to do as much travelling as I'd like over the last few months, I have made up for it by planning a few getaways this side of the year. I'm excited to share all that I learn about travelling with a newborn and look forward to any advice you may have along the way!


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