Let me set the scene. It’s the weekend; I pack my gear and jump in the car for a day of driving and hiking. After a few hours of driving and calling various friends and family along the way, I reach my destination. Heading out for a day of hiking I get snap happy with my Canon SLR and iPhone. If I am lucky, I have access to the Internet and upload some nature shots on Instagram. I have an hour or so left of hiking before I reach my car and I look at the battery left on my mobile – 9%.

I have an hour left to hike to the car and then another few hours left of driving to make it home. On my way home I need to make a few phone calls, check my emails and upload another photo or two on Instagram. Hello technology fail. Or rather, user fail – aka me.

Does this sound familiar? Well heading on a road trip, be it one day or a few, I always run out of battery and options to recharge my phone. In fact, it happens to me all too often!

So let me introduce you to the charger that has literally changed my life – the Plox 6000. Made specifically for iPhone 5, it carries enough charge for high usage customers (like myself when I travel) and is able to charge an iPhone around four times over.

Designed so I don’t have to carry cables around with me on my travels, it’s super easy to use and plugs directly into my phone. Not to mention sleek looking and white, which I love. Most chargers I’ve come across are black and bulky. Although if white isn’t your jam, there are other colours to choose from, such as blue, green, pink and yellow.

I can still use my phone when the Plox charger is doing its thing. It’s also compact enough that it fits neatly into my backpack or the pocket of my hiking jacket. Connecting a USB cord to a computer or laptop easily charges the charger itself.

‘But what about me, I don’t have an iPhone 5?’ – I hear you. Plox has lots of products and chargers, just head over to their website to check our their full range here.