My mother started studying Italian about nine or so years ago. She's now fluent, and every year she sets off to Italy for a two month language trip and joins a women's only walking tour around the Italian countryside. And leaves Dad at home. I swear this is the secret to their 35 year marriage. There is always a part of me which frantically worries about her travelling on her own, but my mum would have to be one of the most street savvy women I know. With that said, I’ve recently come across a growing number of women who choose to travel on their own. And this new breed of traveller is an intrepid, independent and driven woman wanting to explore the world, even if she has to do it alone.

The fact is, my mum has been travelling on her own since she left home at the tender age of 15 and moved to London in the sixties. Some of her wildest stories come from these days when she set out on her own; illegally carrying slotties (Polish currency) for her friend, being held at by gunpoint when she refused to let police search her bags at a check point in Russia and had glass shatter over her back during an IRA bomb attack in London.

Now I'm certainly not encouraging anyone to travel rebelliously, however for those thinking of taking the plunge by travelling alone for the first time, you’re not alone. Even holiday specialist Abercrombie & Kent credits the rise of solo women as one of the three current trends in travel and as a result, tailors trips to its rising female clientele.

Interestingly, a lot of women flying solo are financially independent, want to explore the world and have some ‘me’ time. I can totally relate to that! And in a bid to attract these solo travellers hotels are reducing room rates and travel websites are pulling together special packages and tours for groups of solo travellers.

So if you’re feeling some trepidation at the thought of travelling solo, here are some blogs and websites dedicated to women who like their own company and often seek to travel alone. I am sure they’ll inspire you to take a solo adventure head on

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