We've all heard stories about friends and family scoring a hotel upgrade whilst on holiday. Sometimes it's just pure luck, and sometimes it was done with a bit of flirting, or haggling. Whether you're checking in after an exhausting long haul flight or celebrating something exciting, a room upgrade can make your holiday a completely different experience. Not sure how to go about securing a hotel room upgrade? Here are my five top tips that will certainly help!

Do choose your time wisely Choose your time wisely and request a hotel room upgrade in the late afternoon, usually between 4 and 5pm. Requesting an upgrade too early will only give the hotel management the opportunity to decline. Most guests book hotel rooms early morning till mid afternoon, so if you request a room in the morning the hotel will more than likely say no because they have a whole day ahead of them to book the room to a full paying guest.

Do keep it short and sweet Requesting an upgrade for a lengthy stay is highly unlikely to result in a room upgrade. The best way to ensure an upgrade is to make sure your stay is brief, one to two nights at the very most. This means the hotel also doesn’t run the risk of booking the upgrade room to a guest who is quite happy to pay the full amount.

Don’t be tight Booking the cheapest room in a hotel and requesting to be upgraded to the luxury penthouse suite isn’t going to do you any favours. If you want to chat about an upgrade, it’s best to make sure you have booked a decent room otherwise your request will fall on deaf ears.

Don’t give your life story If you’re celebrating a special occasion, such as an engagement or anniversary, and requesting a room upgrade, don’t give your life story. Keep your request brief and gracious. Hotel reception staff check-in hundreds of people a day and don’t have time to listen to your detailed request, especially when there are other hotel patrons happy with their booking and lining up behind you to check-in. So keep it brief. But don’t flirt or haggle. Being rude or pushy also won’t get you anywhere. Be polite and smile.

Do say something If your room is not up to standard, say something. Don’t sit in your room seething. You are paying for the room so don’t hesitate to complain. Whether it’s noisy hotel neighbours (see here), the smell of cigarette smoke in your ‘non-smoking’ room, the room you’re in doesn’t look like what you booked online or there are extras which are missing, say something. By letting the hotel know about your disappointing experience, you will increase your chances of getting that upgrade - hopefully!

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