It’s been a little while since I last shared links I love from around the world, so here are a few bits and pieces on the internet I’m falling in love with. Ask me what I’m listening to at the moment and you might be surprised by my answer. Exit music. Enter podcasts. After getting hooked on Serial late last year, I now find myself downloading more podcast series. I’ve fallen in love with Being Boss Podcast and Pure Green Podcast. Perfect when I am driving and even better when I am stuck in traffic. Traffic? Not even noticing. Too busy learning yo!

If you haven’t worked in a creative share space before, then I highly recommend it. I’ve been spending a lot of time up the Sunshine Coast these last few months and I am so happy this recently opened. I’ll be back in April to spend a day working here.


As you guys probably know I am currently saving to buy land and build a cabin in - either the Byron or Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Each week I spend a bit of time collating inspiration so when I start the design phase, I have a huge resource to pull ideas from. I don’t know about anyone else in Australia but I am really looking forward to getting cosy by a log fire this winter.

I bought this last month - it’s super cosy and a little sexy. I also have got my eyes on this and this – perfect winter wardrobe essentials.

This destination has my serious attention and I have placed it very high on my bucket list for 2015.

Full piece swimsuits are way better than any bikini and this one is going to be the perfect accessory when I travel to Asia in a few weeks.

And finally, I literally squealed (never happens) when I found out Gregory Roberts is writing a sequel to Shantaram.


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