As a travel blogger slash writer slash photographer, I often find myself coming across some of the most incredible travel, adventure and nature content online. With that in mind, I thought I would start a new series called Travel Loot where I share my favourite bits and pieces of travel related (and some not) content. So here’s what captured my attention around the globe this week. Does sleeping in 9,000 feet in the air sound appealing to you? Airbnb are giving travellers the opportunity to stay in a cable car above the ski slopes in top French ski resort.

The next month is full of back to back travel. My first destination? Find out here.

If this doesn’t make you want to travel, then I don’t know what will

Time lapse nature gifs? Yes please

I’m currently saving to build a cabin in the Australian wilderness (Byron and the Sunshine Coast hinterland is looking very likely) and I regularly check back here and here for interiors inspiration

I’ve been following these guys on Instagram since they started – you should too

I’ve just finished this mind bending podcast series. It’s perfect to listen to when I’m going on road trips. Traffic? Not even noticing.

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