Travel can be stressful; new and exciting cities to explore, different languages and cultures, multiple flights, train trips and taxi rides - it can all be somewhat slightly overwhelming even for the most seasoned traveller. So I’ve pulled together ten travel hacks you need to know before you go on holidays; these will also make your travels stress free, exhilarating and memorable.

Travel Hacks You Need To Know Before You Go On Holiday

TRAVEL EARLY I’m quite guilty of turning up to airports super early. I love indulging in the check in experience, walking around airport terminals to see what’s new and buying a new book. However, sometimes all I want to do is get home – fast. So if you find yourself at an airport with plenty of time to spare before your flight departs, check to see if there is any earlier flight you can jump on but simply asking an airline attendant if there are any spare seats. Its always worth asking and has worked for me many times!

SCORE A WHOLE ROW When it comes to travel, there is nothing quite as amazing as scoring a row of seats to yourself. If you’re travelling with a friend or loved one, when you check in online book a window and aisle seat. Chances are no one will book the middle seat. However if it is a full flight, one of you can always swap to the middle seat if you want to sit together or stay where you are. Happy days!

CLEAR YOUR CACHE Some travel booking websites have been known to track your searches by using the cache and IP address. What this means is that every time you jump online from the same laptop or computer to search the price of flights or accommodation, they can see this and increase the price. The best ways to avoid this is to either clear your cache every time you search, only search when you plan to book or use multiple laptops or computers to check prices.

ALWAYS CHOOSE WI-FI Apps and maps are life changing when travelling, however they tend to chew up your data usage and can be more expensive then they’re worth. Save yourself money by purchasing a sim card when you arrive and only using data when you need to, or use Wi-Fi at your hotel or local café to look up directions or information, then screenshot what you need and use this as a reference.

ANNUAL TRAVEL INSURANCE Whether you plan to travel domestically or internationally, you need travel insurance. Yes, so many people forget to organise travel insurance when they travel in their own country. Big mistake! So if you plan on travelling a few times in a year, purchase annual travel insurance. It’s a lot cheaper than buying insurance per trip!

TAKE PHOTOS, NOT PHOTOCOPIES Gone are the days of taking photocopies of your travel documents and passport. Instead use your phone and take photos. Just remember to email them to yourself as a back up and to delete them off your phone. If you don’t want to delete them off your phone, make sure your mobile has a password lock.

CARRY ON IS KING The thought of my suitcase getting lost in transit is my biggest fear. I am often found nervously checking every suitcase on the arrivals conveyor belt waiting hopefully until I recognise mine - it’s the worst feeling and I’ve learned to chill out about it. However, just in case your suitcase does not make the flight, its best to be prepared by packing your carry on properly. Medication, spare clothes and fresh underwear, toiletries and proper shoes are a must!

CARRY A LITTLE CASH Always carry a little cash on you whenever you travel. Get organised before you leave by going to an ATM if you’re travelling in your own country and withdrawing enough money for a taxi, tips and some food, or if you are travelling overseas make sure you visit your bank and withdraw cash for the country you’re visiting.

MAKE A TRAVEL KIT If you travel often or only a couple of times a year, its very easy to forget the little things that you need to take with you – sunscreen, tooth brush and toothpaste, headphones, band aids, deodorant and lip balm. So organise a travel kit, which you can keep in your suitcase all year round so you don’t forget these little necessities.

COMFORT IN A PILLOW I always try to book a window seat and I always pack a little pillow with me to ensure I can sleep snuggly against the window. Small pillows are available at most department stores and if you are lucky to fly internationally and are given a pillow to use, sometimes its ok for you to take the pillow with you. But check with the flight attendants first!

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