Photography is a huge part of travel. Without capturing those inspiring travel moments, how do we expect to remember those special moments of lifelong travel and adventure? With that said, don’t spend your travels looking through the lens. It’s very important to ensure you enjoy your time travelling and enjoying what’s around you, rather than scuttling to take the perfect shot. Like Sean Penn’s character, photojournalist Sean O’Connell, in the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – sometimes it’s better to live in the moment and not rush to take a photo.

Travel and photography go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise that Mister Weekender is such a visual travel blog – they do say a picture is worth a thousand words. As photography is a huge part of Mister Weekender and I often have readers emailing me for tips, I thought I would reveal my top 7 travel photography tips.

TIP 1: GET UP EARLY Magic hour is the best time to shoot – so start shooting around one hour before sunrise and one hour before sunset. The lighting is incredible as is the general lack of tourists.

TIP 2: LEARN YOUR CRAFT Photography is challenging, fun and rewarding. Over time I’ve learned many tricks of the trade, but I’m still learning. Often you’ll find me researching techniques and workshops online to improve my craft, so why not do the same?

TIP 3: BOOK HOTELS WITH GREAT VIEWS If you find yourself looking for a hotel, do some extra research to see what views they have on offer. There’s nothing better than be able to shoot from the comforts of your hotel room.

TIP 4: GET OFF THE BEATEN PATH Some of the best photos I’ve taken have been when I explored the beaten path. Road trips are perfect for taking photos off the beaten path.

TIP 5: GET INTO NATURE There is nothing more I love than a good old #naturefroth. The best travel photos are those taken of nature, not your hotel buffet breakfast. Get outside and into nature, your travel photography will get so much more interesting.

TIP 6: GET HIGHER Higher ground equals amazing views. A couple of trips I’ve already booked for 2015 in January/February are Tasmania and Lord Howe Island. My main priority? To climb a mountain from which I can take photos with an incredible view.

TIP 7: DON’T STOP TRAVELLING It’s simple. To take the best travel photos – don’t stop travelling and exploring.


This post is in collaboration with SCTI, my preferred travel insurance provider which I personally use and trust.