Already this year I’ve already been on ten flights. Yes that’s correct, ten flights. Welcome to the life of a travel blogger! I cannot wait to see how many flights I go on this year… However flying regularly can play havoc on my skin and hair. And high altitude and sudden climate changes (hot and humid to cold and rainy) are really starting to affect my beauty routine. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Well, three travel beauty tips actually. Below are three of my current tools that I carry in my travelling beauty arsenal. ALPHA-H: Instant Facial With Cypress & Barley | Price: $62.00 The first of the travel beauty tips is actually a confession; I had my first facial when I was at Lord Howe Island just a couple of weeks ago. I know, shock horror. It’s taken me a very long time to experience a facial but I’ve seen far too many friends come back from appointments with blotchy, picked skin. So when I discovered Alpha-H and their botanical, oil-free Instant Facial I knew this was the perfect facial product for me on my travels. Wherever in the world I am, whether its snorkelling at Lord Howe Island, trekking in Peru, heli skiing in New Zealand, vintage shopping in Tokyo or motorbike riding in Bali, I can give myself a facial that gives my skin the clarity and radiance it needs whilst travelling. With ingredients such as Cypress, Thyme, Barley, Malt and Arnica Flowers, this Instant Facial not only sooths and repairs my skin, it also evens out my skin tone and hydrates – perfect for long haul flying.

Directions: I recommend using first thing in the morning and just before bed in the evening. To use, just spray a small amount onto a cotton pad and sweep over your entire face, neck and décolletage after cleansing. For an intensive treatment, don’t follow with moisturiser; this is best for the evenings back at your hotel room.

MERMAID PERFUME: Conditioner | Price: $39.95 Number two of my travel beauty tips has to do with travel and how it can be really taxing on hair – from flying at altitude, to different amenities provided by hotels, and yes different water. You only have to live in London to realize that some water is just not healthy for your hair. I now pack shampoo and conditioner in small bottles wherever I travel. And the Mermaid Perfume Conditioner is my most recent beauty addition. With a cult following, this product is the new ‘it’ conditioner. Sulfate free, completely natural, free from animal testing and suitable for all hair types, this conditioner does not leave my hair oily or dry. Mind blown. Additionally, it smells incredible – mostly due to a killer fragrance combination of orange blossom flowers and coconut oil.

Directions: With a lot of conditioners, we only work them into our ends as they can make hair generally quite oily. But I don’t believe in this method. I think it’s about finding a conditioner that you can use roots to ends because all of your hair deserves conditioning. So for optimum results, massage this conditioner into your ends, then after a minute or so, massage it into your roots, let it rest and and wash out after a couple of minutes.

LOUVELLE: Chic Turban Style Shower Cap | Price $40.00 It doesn’t matter where I am, I need to wash my hair every day. I’ve heard so many conflicting opinions on this so I think at the end of the day it boils down to what suits you and your hair. When I am on the road, sometimes I don’t have access to luxuries like hair dryers and straighteners. In fact, I prefer not to use heating tools on my hair. Regardless, I’ve started using this waterproof, quick dry turban. It’s also an absolute essentials when I’m time poor.

Directions: After your shower, run a towel through your damp hair and give it a good comb. Depending on your hair length, twist your hair into a low bun and slip the turban on. Now simply continue your routine – makeup, outfit – and when you’re finished your hair will be dry and ready to leave as it or style further. I also find twisting your wet hair into a bun assists in avoiding those dreaded frizzy’s, especially in humid climates.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my latest travel beauty trips! Not sure where you can find these? Don’t worry – I’m going to let you in on another secret. Let me introduce you to Lulu & Lipstick, an online beauty destination where I buy these products for my travels. Enjoy!


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