A few years back, blogging didn't exist. Then it did, and fast forward to today, it's a fully fledged career path. But what exactly does a blogger do? This is a question I get asked all the time. And so do many other bloggers. In fact, our San Francisco based contributor Jessica Wright from Bon Traveler recently brought this subject up in one of our many WhatsApp chats. She also agrees that it seems to be a hot question these days, and there’s a bit of ambiguity that exists to the business of blogging. With that in mind, Jessica is going to share some of the logistics of what it means to be a travel blogger below. So breaking it down by role, here are 10 jobs a travel blogger does. Enjoy! 10-jobs-a-blogger-does

1. PHOTOGRAPHER Capturing a sunrise or sunset, and everything in between is part of blogging. Photos are one of the staples of sharing a story. The process of taking photos is detailed with the technological part of the camera, post editing, and more.

2. WRITER Blogging is an essence a form of writing. Whether it’s long stories, or quick bites, the blog exists on writing.

3. SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER As social media is one of the biggest mediums for sharing content, there’s a bit that goes into it. Managing the social media platforms of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Tumblr each have their own set of strategies. Through research and analytics, the ways in which bloggers interact with social media is planned.

4. PLANNER Life on the road means a lot of care goes into planning out the schedule. Trips are researched, pre-planned when it comes to content creation, and exacts for sharing a destination are important. The planning aspect brings everything full circle, making sure those trips are done well, and produce successful results.

5. CREATIVE DIRECTOR This area of blogging is where personality really gets to come into play. Every blogger has their own unique way on writing and photography and through that comes the process of creative directing.

6. BRANDING EXERT Branding is one of the most crucial parts of blogging. Deciding what you want to write about, what you’ll stand for, and your brand is important for creating a lasting business. Branding can be seen in the stylistics of the blog, the name of the blog, and the content produced.

7. MARKETING AND SALES Marketing is the first step to creating a blog. That first step transitions into a flow of business strategy and working through negotiations and proposals. This is the part of the business that gets the logistics into place for a campaign.

8. WEB DEVELOPING AND SEO Building out the blog, to make it look a certain way is one of the first steps, and one of the last. The visuals of the blog are always growing, adding new features and more is an important part of web development. In conjunction with web development, comes the best practice around search engine optimization (SEO) that goes into a successful blog.

9. BUSINESS MANAGER The ins and outs of daily business in blogging are dictated by management of time. Learning when to take meetings, when to write, when to travel, and decisions around the business portion are important for daily flow and success.

10. ACCOUNTANT I don’t think most enjoy this part of the blog (at least I don’t care for it.) However, accounting is important when owning a business and it’s practically unavoidable.

Make sure you follow Jessica on Instagram - her photos are incredible and I am very excited to be travelling with her to Europe next month! More on that soon...