I remember the day I quit working full time like it was yesterday; I felt a huge weight lifted on my shoulders, I couldn’t stop smiling and I drove straight over to Officeworks to stock up on office supplies to create the perfect workspace from my home studio. Fast forward to today and wow, have I learned a lot. Even as I look around my creative space I can very quickly see that I’ve learned a lot about the tools I need in my creative space. Because I am all about working smarter not harder, I thought I would share the tools I need in my creative space to help you create the perfect workspace. Read on to find out what they are.


I am a huge fan of writing goals on a piece of large paper and placing this on my wall where I can see them as I sit at my desk. I subconsciously read them every day and before I know it, I manifest my goals. Trust me, it really works. Need some convincing? Read my mini course here.



I love mood boarding, it’s such a great tool to have in my creative space to help me visualise my goals and also act as a place of inspiration. If I come across a travel photo, a piece of art or furniture in a magazine, or an image on Pinterest, I stick it up on my mood board. For those of you who want to get more specific, you can create multiple mood boards depending on what you want to inspire you - health, work, family, home, anything!



Because I have two businesses - This Wkndr and Your Creative Start - it can sometimes get a bit overwhelming tracking clients and projects. So like I do with my goals, I write down my clients and circle them on a piece of large paper and stick them up on my wall. I do the same for projects. I am also a huge believer in being open and honest about money so I always include the retainer or project fee with the brand. Additionally, I always create one to three empty circles to leave space for more clients and projects. I learned about this method on my favourite podcast Being Boss and it’s amazing how much drawing an empty circle can leave space in your business and mind for more opportunities!



This is an absolute essential. Whether you write a To Do List in a notebook, a chalkboard or a large piece of paper and stick it up on a wall, remember to cross each action out once complete so you can clear your mind to complete the remaining tasks. Need tips on writing an effective To Do List that actually works? Check out my tips here



I don’t know where I would be without my stapler, hole puncher, ruler, pens, highlighters, paper clips, bulldog clips, white out and markers. If you don’t have a complete set of stationery tools, I highly recommend you do so. It makes working from your creative space so much easier.



We alllll know how much I love plants and how I truly believe they improve your workflow and productivity. They not only transform your creative space on a budget, plants also improve air quality and purity, they assist in filtering noise by reducing the acoustics of a space, they decrease room temperature which is perfect for those who tend to overuse air conditioning in the summer months (guilty as charged!), and they lower humidity, because no one likes to sweat when they work. Do be careful however not to overdo it - you want to be able to find your desk each day, not get lost in a jungle of indoor plants.  



As we have officially starting building our new home (finally!) I have become more and more interested in art. I have always bought prints and maps and photos, but I am now looking for long term investment pieces. My great Aunt and Uncle (91 and 92 years of age respectively) have been avid art collectors all their life. In fact, my uncle is an artist himself and their house is like an art gallery - it’s incredible! Needless to say, they have inspired me to hold onto my money and invest in fewer, one off pieces rather than prints. We recently bought this framed piece and I am so happy!  



I don’t know where I would be without the many books in my creative space. I love coffee table books and they provide an endless array of inspiration when I am lacking direction or motivation.



A diary and a desk calendar are the most essential tools you need in your creative space. I look at both daily, and countless times at that!



An absolute must - I always have a fresh bottle of water by my side every day. Coffee? Sure, why not!



My feelings are always mixed when it comes to noise in my creative space but with or without, it’s essential. Sometimes I love listening to music, sometime I love enjoying the peace and quiet, and sometimes I enjoy listening to the television playing in the background in the next room.