Fact: there really is nothing in this world that beats travel. Discovering new cities, exploring the wilderness and untapping some of the most beautiful spots the world has on offer is second to none. The best thing about travel is that it can very much be like a Goosebumps 'choose your own adventure'. It can be done alone, with a partner or a group of friends. It can be a spur of the moment trip, or it can be organised weeks in advance - it's really up to you. However, to ensure you have everything organised, here are 11 tips you need to read before you travel abroad.

11 Tips You Need To Read Before You Travel Abroad

Luggage When purchasing your luggage look for a bag which is lightweight and durable. You would be surprised at how much difference a 7kg suitcase will make over a 4kg suitcase once all your belongings are in there. Make sure you have locks for every opening (and take a spare for lockers), have ID tags attached and also a tag for the airline you are traveling with and make it distinguishable with a coloured ribbon. When you are at the airport trying to find your bag in a sea of black this will make all the difference. 

Passport Make sure your passport is up to date and won’t expire during the period you are travelling. While you’re at it, purchase a document holder where you can store your passport, plane tickets and copies of any itineraries.

Travel Insurance Make sure you get some. Hot tip? Purchase it immediately after getting your tickets so that you are covered all the way up to departure. Vaccinate and Medicate Get any vaccinations you require for the destination you are going to, and make sure any scripts you have are up to date. This includes general precautions like anti-nausea or antibiotics. Ask your Doctor what they would recommend, as they can check the travel warnings associated with each place and can assist with you making an informed decision.

Road Trip If you are planning to drive, make sure you get an international driver’s license. And read the fine print - make sure you have full comprehensive insurance.

Mobile Phone Turning on global roaming can be very expensive, so either opt for prepaid, use wifi when possible or get a local sim card.

Money Ensure your debit and credit cards are up to date and if you want, get a travellers card for the destinations you are travelling to. You can transfer money from your bank account to your travel cards to avoid high ATM fees.

Important Documents Scan and email important documents to you and your family and friends. Also, make two photocopies – one to keep in your document holder and one to keep in your suitcase. Register your travel plans with smarttraveller.gov.au to have all your bases covered. Make a copy of any flight confirmations, hotel bookings, bus tickets etc. to put in there too!

Travel Warnings Check the smarttraveller.gov.au website for any warnings or cautions of your destination. It’s important to be aware of what to expect, or if there is any civil unrest in the area or natural disasters imminent. You can never be too prepared or too informed.

Confirm Flights Confirm your flights at least 48 hours before you leave, and whilst you're at it, select your seats and make sure you have registered any special meal requests.

What about when you arrive? Have a look at your first destination on Google maps. Determine how far away the airport is from your hotel? What are your options for getting to your hotel? If you have a rough idea this will take the stress off you when arriving off the back of a sleepless flight. And make sure you have a printed copy of your hotel confirmation with an address, phone number and booking details for your arrival.

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