One of my biggest goals for Dusty is to get him travelling a lot, and loving it, from a very young age. Jason and I both feel the same and want him to see the world as much as possible. After being home bound in the last stages of my pregnancy and the first six weeks of his newborn life, I started to get serious cabin fever. And it doesn't help when your friends are travelling in Europe during the summer months of the northern hemisphere! 

I've had my sights set on a few different destinations and I am proud to say we I survived our first family getaway a couple of weeks ago. Hurrah! We learned a lot in a little amount of time so I thought I would share a few tips from our experience: 

Mister Weekender Jaharn Giles Tips for travelling with a newborn.jpg



For our first mini getaway with Dusty, we decided to travel local. There were a few reasons for this; it was our first family holiday, we didn't want to jump on a plane, and if were faced with an emergency we wanted to be close to a doctor and a hospital. We ended up choosing Byron Bay, which is just over three hours south from where we live on the Sunshine Coast. 



I'll tell you one thing about travelling with kids and packing for them, they need a lot more than you will! Because of this, we decided to pack whatever we thought Dusty would need - even if it meant the car was overflowing with nappies, pram, travel cot, clothes and more clothes, dry wipes and nappy bags. We might have looked ridiculous but we didn't care. We knew this trip would help us reassess what we would pack for his next getaway. And to be honest, probably not a lot less...



Because we were travelling local (and not getting on a plane) we decided to coincide Dusty's sleep time with our driving time. This meant when we were on the road, he was sleeping peacefully. Lucky for us, he loves sleeping anywhere - car, pram, cot, our arms. 



When we travelled pre-Dusty, our days were always full of things to see and do. Now that we have a baby, we are now staggering our getaway with a combination of busy and relaxed days. Over planning with a newborn is fun for no one, plus ensuring you have a few relaxed days ensures mum and dad get a holiday too! 



Jason and I have always loved being around kids, he's a primary school teacher (bless) and I have two nieces and two nephews, who I am obsessed with. However we weren't expecting the lack of consideration or understanding from other people on our trip. Don't worry if people barge into your pram on the footpath and give you a death stare and don't worry if people look at you with annoyance when you sit near them (100m away) at the beach. Just focus on your family and have a good time!



Don't be polite when it comes to your newborn and germs when you travel. It's not fun when anyone gets sick, so limit visits to places where there are lots of other kids, like the park. We took antibacterial gel, other medicines and ointments (just in case), and made sure to keep our hands washed and clean whenever we were holding Dusty. They really are the most vulnerable little things, so we wanted to be as careful as possible.



As I said earlier, Jason and I are used to travelling at a fairly fast pace. But now we have Dusty in tow, we've learned it's really nice to slow down and enjoy every single moment. Kids live in the present so it's really nice to enjoy the world through their eyes, whilst holding a glass of wine of course!