A few weeks ago I wrote on Twitter about feeling at one with Marie Kondo and her views on organising in her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, which is flying off the shelves around the world. I am known amongst family and friends as a neat freak, or strictly speaking a borderline OCD organiser, and a minimalist. Yes I own less clothes than my boyfriend, the interior of our home is very, very minimalist, we only have one set of pots and pans, and I am an outfit repeat offender. In fact, you will not find 12 different tea sets, wardrobe doors which are struggling to stay closed, or 26 pairs of high heels in this house. However it has come to my attention there may be many of you who want to be organised but just don’t know how to be and stay organised. Or you regularly tidy up only to find all too soon your home or workspace is cluttered and messy again. Or you feel overwhelmed by the clutter that you simply ignore the piles of mess and tell yourself you’ll get to it another day. Yeah, right.

As for Marie’s system of tidying – discarding, tidying by category and storing properly - these are the very approaches I have been using in my own home and workspace for years. And trust me, they actually work. However for first time organisers looking for a few quick tips to get them started, I thought I would start by sharing 15 tips to keep your life organised.

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Start with your to do list Before to start tackling the skills of being organised at home and at work, write down an easy, actionable to do list. Whilst some of my friends use an Excel spreadsheet or the Notes section in their phone, I find a handwritten to do list in a notebook is the most effective. There is also something extremely satisfying about crossing off an action once it is complete.

Simplify everything From the clothes in your wardrobe, to the products your bathroom, to the mess on your bedside tables, to the pots and pans in your kitchen – simplify everything. You only need one of everything, trust me! Use Marie’s method: discard everything that does not make you happy, tidy by category not by room, and store properly.

Clean and organise your desk I honestly have no idea how people can get work done when there is a pile of stuff taking up the space on their desk. If your desk is messy – tidy it up! Get rid of paper you don’t need, puts those books away, file those notes and put that cutlery in the dishwasher.

Put everything away This is one tip I sometimes struggle with. After a long day the last thing I want to do when I get home is unpack my bag or put my clothes in the washing basket. But I know it only creates chaos later on, so by putting everything away ‘in the moment’, I know I am only helping myself by being properly organised.

Make a list of your goals It’s no secret I write and update my goals every three months. It’s the key to being organised. And remember to keep your goals somewhere you see them everyday. Read them out aloud every day and watch them manifest into reality!

Invest in a whiteboard My mind is very active in the morning and I often wake up, brimming with ideas. I am also a huge fan of writing lists and manifesting goals, but I know none of my ideas would come into fruition if I didn’t have a whiteboard in my office, which I can write down these ideas. Writing them down also means my mind is less cluttered and I feel more organised.

Do one thing at a time I am known for walking around my home with one thing in my hand, it could be a spoon, bottle of water or a book, when I am supposed to be doing something else, like organising my workspace. This is a ridiculous trait of mine and when I do this, I have to remind myself to do one thing at a time. It’s the crux of being organised.

Do it now Procrastinating is the devil of being organised. Don’t get distracted by what’s on television, the gossip in the kitchen at work or by your emails. Focus on one thing at a time and do it now.

Use one calendar I use my calendar for everything. And I mean everything. It’s essential for being organised. I use the calendar on my phone as I take my phone everywhere and I can check this anytime. Or perhaps you prefer a diary, or a desk calendar. Whatever it is, only use one.

Make use of the word no I am inherently a yes person, especially when it comes to my blog. I never like to say no – and that’s not ideal because I end up feeling overwhelmed. So I have been working on using the word no. It not only makes me feel better, it also means I feel less stressed and people respect my time.

Have less stuff Seriously. Having less stuff is the key to being organised.

Get rid of office supplies Now I love a trip to Officeworks more than the average person, but I also know having excess supplies is a waste of space and money. So get rid of office supplies you don’t use.

File your receipts As I said earlier, being organised is getting things done now. And there is nothing worse than finding yourself in a pile of receipts when it comes to tax time. Get organised by using a filing system where you can put your receipts away by category – transport, food, furniture – as soon as you get home or to the office.

Automate everything you can Direct debits, social media scheduling – these are just a couple of ways you can automate your life. Do it. It will not only make you organised as ever, it will save you time!

Adopt positive habits Organised people have positive habits; this is a known fact. So take a look at the key areas in your life that need organising and see how you can adopt positive habits to improve your organising skills.


Do you have other tips for keeping your life organised? I'd love to hear them so feel free to write your tips in the comments section below!