Raise your hand if you have travelled overseas this year? Yes, I thought so. There are quite a few of you! As we already know, we are travelling overseas in ever-increasing numbers, especially Australians. We do love to travel after all. However, whatever your destination or age, preparing before you leave and staying in good health whilst you travel can help you have a happy and enjoyable trip. Wherever you are travelling to, pre-holiday preparation and research for your health is essential. Some vaccines are compulsory, and you will have trouble travelling without the correct vaccinations and documentation. Whilst some vaccinations are compulsory, there are others, which are simply recommended. Your health and safety is paramount, so here are my top five tips which may be helpful to add onto your pre-holiday health checklist. These are my holiday health tips that every traveller should know

• Have a medical check up to ensure you are fit and healthy before you travel • Tell your doctor where you plan on travelling to, update your vaccinations and ask about other immunisations • Pack a medical kit for yourself, make sure you pack enough medications that you need or take a prescription • Organise travel insurance, including hospital travel • Check the quality of drinking water before you jet off. If you’re unsure, use boiled or bottled water, or water purifiers or tablets, and avoids ice in drinks.

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