Day Three on my tour of the Top End of the Northern Territory had a lot to live up to! In case you missed it, I recently travelled to the Northern Territory with STA Travel and Tourism Australia encouraging young Australians to explore their own backyard – Australia. Day One (read here) and Day Two (read here) saw me travel to Florence Falls and swim in the fresh water hole, swim at Buley Rock Pool, take a cruise up the Mary River and meet some very large crocodiles, tick Kakadu National Park off my bucket list, and watch the sunset at Urbirr overlooking the mysterious Aboriginal sacred site of Arnhem Land.

Needless to day, Day Three didn’t disappoint so here are four more things to see and do in the Northern Territory!


Secret Waterfall and Water Hole We set off before sunrise to get to our first destination, a secret waterfall and water hole. Only accessible by booking a tour through STA Travel with Way Outback Safari Tours, I was made to promise I wouldn’t tell you the name or the location of this secret waterfall and water hole – and I am obviously sticking to that promise! It’s not signed but what I can tell you is that it can only be found by turning off one of the main roads in Kakadu down a barely marked dirt road. Only one tour group at a time is given access to the waterfall and for a full hour we had this slice of paradise to ourselves. Bliss!

Yurmikmik Motor Car Falls Since it is the dry season, swimming in waterfalls is the best thing to do in Kakadu. Therefore we ventured off to Yurmikmik in Kakadu and hiked for an hour before discovering Fern Gully – aka Motor Car Falls. Once again we were the only tour group at the falls so we were able to totally and utterly luxuriate and explore the pristine waterfall. With Jade green waters and jagged rocks, I spent the entire time floating on my back, looking up at the deep blue sky with the cascading water blowing over me.

Adelaide River Our last stop was brief yet a little tense. We stopped at Adelaide River and were advised never, and I repeat never, swim in Adelaide River. Or crocodiles will eat you. The threat is serious, simple and immense. Come the wet season, the river increases it’s depth by up to four metres and is literally brimming with crocodiles. Come the dry season, which is now, and there are still crocodiles owning the river. So if you do happen to find yourself at Adelaide River, you better not swim! We also stopped at a local BP Station to fill the mini bus up with petrol and went into the local pub next door to have a gander at the (stuffed) buffalo which appeared in the movie Crocodile Dundee…bless, the outback!

Darwin Arriving back into Darwin in the early evening, we checked in our hotel and made a mad dash down to the water to watch the sun set. My mother told me the sunsets in Darwin were out of this world - and she was correct. This particular sunset was easily the prettiest I've ever seen! I am so glad I made the effort. It also received lots of love on my Instagram, and Tourism Australia also reposted the image on their Instagram which received over 43,000 likes - crazy!

things to see and do in there northern territory australia

things to see and do in there northern territory australia

things to see and do in there northern territory australia