Yes, this is a blog inspiring you guys to have global adventures. But this is blog also helping you find ways in which you can achieve your dreams. Whether it’s to travel the world, or to rule the world (or your little corner of the world), it seems you guys agree! After travel and photography, life hacks – productivity, success, entrepreneurship, organising, minimalism, creativity, work life balance – is the most popular type of content on this blog, which I find ridiculously exciting as this is an area I am obsessed with.

Whilst I am currently in the middle of updating the blog (I like to do this throughout a year to stay ahead demand and to continue to grow) and rewriting my business goals and business plan, I can’t help but wonder what it is that successful people have that other people don’t have.

Look at Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Timothy Ferriss, Oprah Winfrey, Barak Obama and Beyonce – what do they do differently to us? I’ve done some digging around and found a lot of things they do in common. So for my latest life hack I’ve discovered 23 essential things successful people do differently. I hope you find yourself already doing many of the things below, or at the very least, start today!

23 Things Successful People Do Differently

THEY LOOK AFTER THEIR HEALTH Many of my favourite business and entrepreneurship books all cite this as the number one priority of successful people; they always put their health first.

THEY ARE NEVER SATISFIED Successful people have goals, and when they’re met, they get new ones. They don’t stop pushing, evolving and adapting.

THEY WORK DIFFERENT HOURS Look at successful people; are they chained to their desks smashing out a 9am to 5pm routine? No they are operating under the hours of a day, or night, where they know they are most productive and creative.

THEY MAKE THINGS HAPPEN Ever meet a person who talks, talks, talks but never follow through with their grand plans? Well, successful people are completely the opposite. They make things happen.

THEY FAIL ALL THE TIME Successful people fail more than anyone else, they’re just really good at dusting themselves off and having another go.

THEY STICK WITH IT Successful people never give up. Period.

THEY HAVE HOBBIES You don’t need me to tell you again (and again) why having a hobby is essential for being successful. But in case you do – successful people pursue interests outside of their careers. For me, it’s hiking. It not only clears my mind to allow creativity to flow.

THEY ARE ACCOUNTABLE Successful people are unafraid to make mistakes, but they are also unafraid to be accountable. They own their fails as much as their successes.

THEY ARE PRODUCTIVE Successful people aren’t busy - they’re productive. They maximise every second of their day, but they also aren’t afraid to switch off to get their creativity flowing.

THEY VALUE WORK LIFE BALANCE Successful people are successful because they value work life balance. They respect their life outside of work as much as their life at work.

THEY ALWAYS LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE Lose a client? No worries. They were horrible to your staff anyway and productivity was declining. Successful people always see the bigger picture.


THEY MAKE LOGICAL DECISIONS Successful people are quick to make decisions, but they are logical, educationed, experienced, practiced and well thought out decisions.

THEY ARE ALL ABOUT ACTION Successful people are proactive – not reactive. They are future thinkers; they ask what they need to do to get a project moving. They can see the risk factors along the way and put action plans into place to avoid any short fallings.

THEY INVEST IN THEIR PEOPLE A happy person equals productivity. It’s a no brainer.

THEY KEEP THINGS SIMPLE Being successful isn’t about being complex, its about keeping things simple. In the eyes of a successful person – less is more.

THEY TRUST THEIR INSTINCTS Yes, successful people take risks but their trust their instincts above anything else. Instincts are there for a reason, and successful people know how to use them.

THEY SEEK CRITICISM Criticism can propel a successful person, so they know how to take it and what to take out of it.

THEY MAKE SMALL, CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENTS A new website every two years? Absolutely not. Successful people make small continuous changes all year round. By doing this they stay ahead.

THEY KNOW WHEN TO SAY NO Saying no is not easy, but successful people understand the importance of saying no – especially to commitments that don’t add to their work life schedule.

THEY TRACK PERFORMANCE Successful people track performance; they analysis it, breathe it, live it, adapt it. They are not afraid to make changes in order to improve and grow performance.

THEY SURROUND THEMSELVES WITH LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE Have you noticed successful people are great at forming their own community of like-minded people? Well they do this effortlessly as its what inspires them and pushes them to be better versions of themselves.

THEY CONSTANTLY LEARN Successful people are constantly reading, listening and asking in order to learn more – not just more about their field, but about other interest, cultures and people.