When I started Mister Weekender, it was never a conscience decision to become a travel blogger. In fact, I didn't even know they existed. I simply loved travelling and sharing my adventures with others. Fast forward two years (almost three) and it’s been fun, a lot of fun, but it’s also been a huge learning curve for me. So what are the 5 things no one told me would happen when I started this blog? I WOULD NEED A NICHE When I first started my blog, I knew I loved travel, adventure and nature. But it wasn’t until readers (hi guys!) started reacting well with the adventure and nature content, and when existing bloggers (mostly fashion) started to enter the travel blogging world (talk about tough!), that I knew I had to create a niche for myself. I chose adventure and nature because I knew it was something I loved and I knew it was something I could see myself write about till the end of time. I started owning the words 'adventure, nature, outdoors' in my content and soon, it's now become my niche language. Plus no other travel blogger was and is still not writing much about adventure and nature, so it's the perfect niche for me.

I WOULD BE AN ACCOUNTANT No one told me I would become my own accountant. I now have to make sure I quote properly, tax myself correctly, put money aside for expenses, savings and investments, and make sure I have a little left over to spend it on whatever I want - of course! And then there are the piles of receipts…don’t get me started on that.

I WOULD UPDATE MY WEBSITE (ALL THE TIME) No one told me I would become obsessed with the way my blog looks! I am a perfectionist, I always have been. I am organised, neat and repell clutter. An overflowing makeup drawer? Kill me. A cluttered wardrobe? I run away. The thing is, I am always honing in on the detail. Sure, not everything on my blog is polished – but it’s mostly me that thinks this, and that’s why I find myself updating my blog design and structure at least twice a year. Sometimes more if it’s minor changes to the menus, categories and content.

I WOULD BE A MARKETER I had no idea when I started blogging I would need to create a media kit to share with brands. I had no idea I would be writing proposals, quoting fees, negotiating contracts, attending meetings and writing (lots) of emails. These days I spend now at least one day a week working on the business of blogging. And I have to say, I love it!

I WOULD EARN MONEY When I started this blog, I wasn’t thinking about making money. In fact when I started this blog, making money from blogging wasn’t even a thing. However times have changed and as bloggers create communities even more engaged than newspapers and magazines, its only fair we earn some money for all of our hard work - especially when collaborating with brands. Because let’s be honest, no one wants to work for free. You wouldn't, so why should bloggers?