You’ve got a killer idea for a creative business, brand or blog but you have no idea how to get started, or how to manage your day to day, or how to maintain it all. Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Starting your business is something I want to help you with by sharing a free checklist I've put together which helped me when I started this blog almost three years ago, and even more when I launched my creative agency towards the end of last year. So how did I do both? I think it boils a combination of:

• Doing what you love • Spending a lot of time researching • Trial and error • Faking it (a little bit) till you make it • Trusting your instincts • Utilising your experience and knowledge • Surrounding yourself with likeminded people

To help you guys I have created a checklist below about starting your business for creatives and bloggers. Please feel free to print the checklist and sticky tape it to the wall in your new workspace so you can refer back to it every day.

It’s perfect for those of you who are thinking about leaving your day job to pursue your passion full time, or if you have already left your day job and need some tips to grow your business, or it you already have a thriving business but are looking for inspiration and motivation to keep working at it. Enjoy!