Setting goals is something I am obsessed with. You can find me updating and reworking my goals every three months - at least! You might think goal writing comes easy for me because I love doing it. In that case, you'll be surprised to learn I used to be hopeless at it! Rewind a few years ago and my goals looked more like my To Do list - a list of tasks that needed to get completed but didn't really look to the future. After some time, and a lot of practice, trial and error, I finally learned how to set goals like a boss. In fact, it clicked about three years ago when I started this blog. Read on to find out how... STEP ONE: CATEGORISE YOUR GOALS The first thing you need to do is categorise your goals like a boss. Being able to choose your goals is no easy task, so over time I have found it's best to divide and conquer them into categories such as family, work, health and education. These are generally the most widely used categories, but you might use more.

STEP TWO: BREAK DOWN GOALS Once you have chosen your categories, you need to set your goals. When I have a goal in mind, I find it's best to break down the goal into smaller goals so they become more achievable, and less overwhelming. As an example, last year I decided to launch my own creative agency. This was my big goal for 2015, however I needed to break this down into smaller goals to make it achievable, such as create a website, sign up ten clients, reach 1,000 Instagram followers, and create a dedicated work space from home. See what I did there?

STEP THREE: UNDERSTAND TIMING Now that you have broken down your goals, you now need to set a time against them. It doesn't matter how big or small your goal is, some can take a lifetime to achieve (hopefully not) whilst others can be reached within a day. From what I've learned, timing is everything as it allows you to plan how you can achieve those goals. So when you write down your goals, be mindful of how much time you're giving yourself to achieve each goal and a deadline against each and every single goal. Don't be hard on yourself if you need more time to achieve a goal, but do remember to celebrate when you do. More on that a bit later.

STEP FOUR: VISUALISE YOUR GOALS For you to properly achieve your goals, you need to visualise them. There is no point having spent time writing your goals properly and allocating time against them if you can't see them every single day. Buy a blackboard, butchers paper or a whiteboard and write your goals down. Place this in a spot you see every single day. Because I work from home, I keep my goals on a wall in my office. If you work from an office, I suggest putting your goals on a wall next to your bed so you can read them when you first wake up and again when you go to bed at night. If you want to take it a step further and manifest those goals, take a look at my mini-course on manifesting here.

STEP FIVE: TELL SOMEONE The next thing you need to do is tell someone you know about your goals. This not only makes your goals real, it also makes you accountable to achieve those goals, and this is the holy grail. Depending on your goal, I don't think its necessary to tell the world about each and every single goal until you get there. Choose someone you trust, like your bestie or your boyfriend.

STEP SIX: PERSEVERE LIKE A BOSS At this stage of setting goals like a boss, you will need to persevere like a boss. The journey to achieving goals can be equal parts incredible and difficult, so you need to persevere, and persevere some more. Seriously. Never give up. If you're struggling, ask a mentor, a peer or a friend for advice. If you need a break, head outdoors and enjoy nature - go for a swim or a hike. Also, now is a great time to adjust your goal/s if they need it. There is nothing wrong with this, in fact it means you are getting closer to achieving your goals.

STEP SEVEN: CELEBRATE The final step to setting goals like a boss is celebrating when you achieve your goals! It's a great time to reflect on what you achieved, how you got there and what you learned along the way. It's also a great excuse to reward yourself with something you love doing - for me, it's knocking off early and walking down to the beach to watch sunset.