It's only taken me two months to find a spare Saturday morning to visit the Sydney Flower Markets, yet it's always better late than never, right? I woke up early on Saturday morning with the rain pelting outside, so I brazenly threw on some warm clothes and jumped in the car for another Mister Weekender adventure. How to get there About 15km from Sydney's CBD, it takes about 25 minutes to drive to the Sydney Flower Markets which are located on Parramatta Road in Flemington. The flower markets are open from Monday to Saturday, from 5am to 11am. The markets are part of a hub which include a growers, produce and clothing markets so if you're not quite too sure where to go when you get there, simply ask one of the many friendly traders. Unless you are a serious buyer or florist, the best time to visit the flower markets is on Saturday around 8am. Reasons for this is that after about 15 minutes exploring the market, stall holders will start dramatically reducing the price of their flowers. So much so, most stall holders were selling off stunning bunches of long stemmed roses for $1 and $2. Yes, you read correctly.

What do do If you are driving from the direction of Sydney's CBD, turn left from Parramatta Road onto Pott Street. When I first drove into the market area, I thought I had stumbled across a local food market in Hong Kong. There were literally hundreds of traders selling fruit and vegetables, and triple the amount of people buying from the traders. Perfect for your weekly grocery shop at a bargain. Must try this next weekend.

Typical of me, I decided to drive right through the thick of the food market and follow a couple of cars in front of me. They seemed to know where they were going. Good strategy. After a bit of apprehension which always follows when I have no idea where I am going, I started seeing a few people carrying bunches of flowers. After driving further down and losing the cars in front of me to car spots, the Flower Markets materialised right in front of me. Success.

As soon as I stepped into flower markets I was affronted with a riot of colourful blooms and fragrances. It was pleasantly overwhelming, so my best advice is to walk around the entire market and find the flowers you wish to buy. I can guarantee you will always find your favourite floral for a cheaper price if you walk around first. There were many varieties to choose from including roses, gerberas, lillies, baby's breath and an abundance of gorgeous Australian natives with prices ranging from $1 to $15. Basically you will not walk out empty handed, but you will have cash left in your wallet. I ended up buying my a gorgeous bunch of pink roses, some baby's breath and palm fronds for the grand total of $15.

TRIP NOTES What: Sydney Flower Markets Where: Parramatta Road, Flemington, Sydney, NSW Australia When: Monday to Saturday 5am to 11am