I recently went to Lady Elliot Island for a day trip (see more here), and in as little as 10 hours I had flown from Brisbane to the island in a 12 seater Cessna with Seair Pacific, snorkelled with turtles, had lunch, went on an island tour, a reef walk and was back in Brisbane just as the sun was setting. It amazed me that I was able to visit the Great Barrier Reef and be back at home in the same day. Lady Elliot is, without a doubt, Queensland's best kept secret. Um, not anymore! A declared Marine National Park Zone and famous for its unspoilt coral reef and array of spectacular marine life, Lady Elliot is situated in a tidal lagoon and protected by a vast reef of living coral.

There are stacks of activities to get busy with on Lady Elliot, but the one activity I was really looking forward to was snorkelling in the coral reef with the gorgeous marine life, including local turtles and manta rays. I was incredibly lucky to swim next to three big turtles, one which I touched his, or maybe her, shell. It was a magical experience and one I will always cherish.

A big thank you to Marty at Lady Elliot Island for helping me with these photos, my Go Pro was in a pickle and difficult to shoot with.