When people ask me what I do, they mostly always tell me how lucky I am. Absolutely, I get to travel the world for a living but I don’t think luck has anything to do with it. I’ve worked hard, very hard and made many sacrifices. Like most dream jobs, travel blogging isn’t as glamourous as it might appear to be; we get sick, we are constantly packing and unpacking our suitcase, we are constantly bloated, we are on a never ending itinerary – but we do get to see some of the most beautiful things in the world so there are no complaints. But I will let you in on something - secrets of a travel blogger. WE NEED WIFI I don’t care what another travel blogger might tell you – we need good wi-fi. The biggest part to travel blogging is sharing adventures with our readers, so we need to make sure we have great wi-fi. We never worry about wi-fi when we’re out and about but it’s essential the hotels we stay at has great wi-fi. Failing that we usually buy a local sim card and use the internet that way.

WE DON’T TRAVEL ALL THE TIME Surprise! Travel bloggers don’t actually don’t travel all the time. You can usually tell this when a travel blogger posts a lot about their home town. Travel bloggers also capture lots of content on their travels, and if we’re away for four days (as an example) we’ll sometimes continue posting for at least another three to four days as if we’re still at that location. All travel bloggers do this and trust me, it’s so we don’t bombard your feed with our adventures in a short period of time.

WE ARE PICKY WHEN IT COMES TO FLYING Travel bloggers love Seat Guru. It’s a website that maps out the seating configuration of a plane, down to the operator and flight number. Whether we like to sit by the window or aisle, sometimes our flights are booked by a brand we’re working with and they automatically choose a seat for us. To avoid being stuck in the middle, we check Seat Guru and request for our seat to be changed if we can.

WE EAT TOO MUCH Uh huh. Travelling the world means we often get buffet breakfast in the morning, a huge lunch and three course dinners. It’s too much! After the first year of travel blogging, we learn to eat only small portions so we’re not being rude to those hosting us but also to ensure we stay healthy.

WRITERS DON’T LIKE BLOGGERS Travel bloggers are threatening to traditional travel writers. Some embrace us, most don’t. It’s not fun but we’ve learned to roll with it and keep smiling.

WE STAY IN SOME SUPER DODGY PLACES Whilst we could be catching helicopters up to mountain tops in New Zealand, exploring food markets in Thailand and having picnics in the desert in Peru, what you don’t know is that sometimes we stay in really super dodgy accommodation; think stained bed sheets, spiders in the bathroom, no locks on doors and dirty towels. It’s not the end of the world but after a long day on the road, sometimes travel blogging has its downsides and can make us homesick.

WE FORGET AND LOSE THINGS No matter how many times we travel abroad we forget to pack our passports, we pack too many clothes, we get busted at security for having liquids over 100ml - which might I add can get costly! So generally we just roll with the punches and hope for the best.

WE STILL HAVE DAY JOBS The cold hard truth is that many travel bloggers still have day jobs – some even have full time jobs. It’s a massive balancing act but we work hard with the aim of one day being full time travel bloggers. Now that’s living!

PACKING NEVER GETS EASIER Living out of a suitcase is interesting to say the least and no matter how many times we travel, packing never gets easier. No matter how much research we do before we take off to explore another destination, we always forget something or wish we’d pack other things.

WE DON’T SEE OUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS Many of us haven’t seen our friends for months. With work taking up our time during the week and travel taking up our time every other day, some of us haven’t seen our family and friends in a really long time. Thank goodness for Viber!

Whilst long days, jet lag, working into the night, socialising less, having 100% commitment, living out of a suitcase and not seeing our family regularly can get exhausting, travel is inspiring and it’s completely worth it. We love what we do and wouldn’t have it any other way! So have you thought about becoming a travel blogger? Do you think you have what it takes?


Photo by Lisa Burns from The Wandering Lens.