You can always find me adventuring somewhere, but lately I've been choosing to spend time at home on the Sunshine Coast. Why? Because I've been working on a very big project - building my house! Ok, so I am not actually building it myself. We have a builder for that. However, it's the biggest project I've ever invested in and I am highly grateful I get to share this experience with my better half, Jason. We're due to move into the house in about four weeks (!!) and after watching the Netflix documentary 'Minimalism', we've started getting serious about decluttering and organising everything in the tiny apartment we live in.

Over two days, we did an apartment cull and donated a bunch of stuff (clothes, shoes, art, backpacks, books, magazines, blenders, furniture) to charity. We completely decluttered the apartment. We've put all of our spare clothes into large plastic containers ready to be labelled and moved. We've taken down everything hanging on the walls. We've moved most of our plants outside onto the shaded verandah. We've sorted through all of our camping, ski and hiking gear. And let me tell you - it looks and feels amazing. 

During this process, I discovered that through social media, blogs and pop culture, we're constantly trying to keep up with whats 'new'. We're buying more and more stuff, and it only makes us feel as though we need more. And you know what? It's not actually realistic. It's expensive and unfulfilling. So with this in mind, I thought I would share a few secrets I learned about being a minimalist.



By having less, I can honestly say that I don't feel like I need more. It's all about being able to practise saying no. No to clothes, no to magazines, no to social media checking, no to plants, no to furniture, no to fashion blogs. And you know what? It feels amazing! At the end of the day it's all stuff, so why bother wasting money and time saying yes.


Minimalists know what they like and they stick to it. This includes everything - face wash, clothes, art, make-up, furniture, shoes. This summer I bought a pair of black slides and I have literally worn them every single day. They are very minimalist and go with everything I wear. Needless to say, knowing what summer shoes I like and only buying one pair, has been life changing. And I didn't buy any more pair of shoes all summer. 


Minimalists are, by osmosis, highly organised because they don't have a lot of stuff that needs organising. They also don't wait to put things away, their emails are sorted into folders, their pantry condiments are labelled, they have a home for everything, they buy less stuff, they keep surfaces clutter free, they keep everyday items within arm's reach, their wardrobes are organised efficiently and they don't have two of everything. 


Minimalists love list making. And they love checking items off their lists even more. Big tasks don't overwhelm them - they simply break the tasks down into smaller tasks, and get it done. 


Minimalists always seem like they're able to do it all. The only reason they can manage their workloads is by working smarter, not harder - something I live by. They value their time and have no problem delegating. 


You might now be thinking that being a minimalist is about being a perfectionist and uptight. It's not. It's just simple, uncluttered living. Go on, give it a try!