You might have noticed that my travels have slowed down a little this month – and there are good reasons for it. I have been busy saving, planning and preparing for five big trips abroad. I can’t tell you where I’ll be travelling to, well I can, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise. What I can share are 37 tips save money to travel the world! 37 Ways To Save Money To Travel The World

1. Eat fresh. Enjoying a home cook meals rich in protein, salad and vegetables is a lot cheaper than dining out. 2. Stop buying clothes you don’t need. I literally wear my clothes to death now, besides does anyone really remember what they wore last week? No. 3. I’ve stopped driving and paying for petrol and expensive road tolls by catching public transport 4. Reduce your expenses at home buy turning off all appliances at the power point, take shorter showers, turn the tap off when you’re brushing your teeth and turn off the light when you’re not in a room 5. If you have family or friends who live interstate or in another country, save money by calling them using Skype. My sister lives in Perth and I live in Sydney, so this is how we catch up. Plus she has three children so I get to see their cute little faces when I talk to them - it’s the best! 6. If you live out of home, cook your meals in bulk. I usually eat the same dinner two nights in a row. I also save leftovers and eat them for lunch the next day. 7. On the topic of lunch, make it yourself! Buying lunch everyday will only burn a huge hole in your wallet. 8. Organise to go for walks with friends instead of meeting them for lunch and dinner 9. Put your savings into an interest earning account, such as ING 10. Call your mobile and internet provider, and ask them to help you save money and also look to renegotiate your current plan or contract 11. Overhaul your wardrobe at home and sell your unwanted pieces at a local market stall 12. Stop impulse buying; a new top here, a second plant for your living room, a new pair of sneakers, another bottle of hair spray – it all adds up! 13. I do circuit training five days a week and I absolutely love it, so giving this up before my trips this year isn’t something I am going to do. But I’ve had lots of friends cancel or freeze their gym membership in the weeks leading up to their holidays, and instead they exercise outdoors. 14. Speaking of gym memberships, save more money by cancelling or freezing your memberships when you’re actually away. 15. Save money by ditching your $4 daily cup of coffee and start making it yourself at home 16. Stop getting your hair cut every six weeks and go every three months 17. If your mobile is about to fall outside of contract, don’t buy another one! You can use your phone out of contract and if you want to get a new one, worry about it when you get home. 18. Be organised with your grocery shopping. Plan ahead will stop you buying takeaway. 19. Stop paying for things on your credit card. My Dad always said to me its better to live a cash rich life than a credit poor life. So only spend cash and only what you have. Credit card fees sting! 20. Forget about getting regular spa treatments – think about the money you will save and what it means you can do when you’re travelling! 21. Research, research, research. It pays to spend time researching cheap flights and accommodation deals. 22. I’ve stopped going to the movies. For now, if I feel like watching a movie I’l re-watch something from the DVDs I have at home. 23. In Australia, some supermarkets offer a discount off petrol on the back of receipts. I always collect these and use them to save money on petrol. My friends laugh at me but every cent counts. And I always think of them whenever I am boarding a flight…hehe. Who’s laughing now! 24. Save petrol money by walking to get your groceries, plus a little bit of extra exercise doesn’t hurt! 25. If you can, live at home with your parents. Instead of paying rent, do the household chores, cook meals and look after the pets. 26. Save money by packing light or taking a carry on bag only 27. If you do live at home, be frugal. Buy unbranded groceries, invite your friends over for dinner and cook together instead of dining out and drink at home before going out. 28. Data on mobile phones can really up your monthly phone bill. So switch it off and use free wifi whenever you can. 29. Cut out paid TV – say goodbye to Netflix and Foxtel, at least in the build up to your trip and whilst you’re away. 30. Wine bottles without labels are cheaper, so if you love wine, buy clean skins and have a couple of glasses at home before going out with friends 31. Sell you car. Before I moved to London I sold my car and pocketed $8,000. I also didn’t have to worry about paying for registration, maintenance, petrol, services and insurance – big savings. 32. I love buying books but they do add up! So I’ve been borrowing books from my family and close friends. If you buy magazines – stop! They are such a waste of money. 33. Pay back your debts – there is nothing worse than going on a holiday when you are already in debt 34. Make extra money from your hobby. Do you love drawing? Sell your pictures. Do you love pets? Why not start a pet washing business on weekends? Do you love cooking? Why not create a recipe book your friends can buy and download! 35. Mow your parents lawn, walk your neighbours dog, pour drinks at your local pub, start babysitting, clean the pool at home – whatever, be entrepreneurial and see where else you can make some extra cash 36. Stop buying expensive moisturiser. I use Oil of Olay for sensitive skin and it’s brilliant, plus it’s only $12. 37. Start a travel blog! I initially started my blog as a place for my family and close friends to keep up with my nomadic adventures. Little did I know it would turn into a career where I get to work with brands who assist me when I travel around the world. I’m also now in a position where brands pay me to work with them. I also write as a regular freelance writer, I have written a travel guide, I now give workshops for beginner bloggers and offer coaching.

HOW DO YOU SAVE AND BUDGET? My tips above are well and good, but you need to make sure you’re saving and budgeting properly. Plus it’s fairly impossible to save a significant amount of money to travel the world if you don’t embrace budgeting. You don’t need to be a whiz at maths, or balancing a statement. All you need to do is create a simple Excel spreadsheet to write out and track your budget.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I live for an Excel spreadsheet! I am part of the Microsoft Australia #WorkWonders influencer network this year, but this has nothing to do with my love of a good old spreadsheet, promise! Excel is super easy to use and I highly recommend you save it to a mobile device (I take my Surface Pro 3 everywhere) so you can check in regularly to ensure your savings are on track. Being accountable will ensure successful savings, plus knowing where every single dollar you spend is essential for you achieving to save the most amount of money you can.


This post is in collaboration with Microsoft Australia. Concept, tips and content are my own.