Wherever in the world you may be, winter is stunning. Whether you experience misty mornings, cool ocean breezes, snow-capped mountains, gardens littered with autumnal leaves, or freezing cold rain; embarking a road trip in winter is an adventure. However preparation is key, so whether you want to explore the snowy Sierra Mountains in California, or the brisk coastal edges of Tasmania, or the quiet countryside of Edinburgh, make sure you pack (and dress) warmly.

So if camping under the stars and toasting marshmallows by a roaring fire with snowflakes falling softly around you, or wrapping up in several layers of clothing as you explore a quaint city, or going hiking below five degrees isn’t your thing, then read on. I bet by the time you’ve finished reading my list below, you’ll be convinced to go on a road trip in winter.

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AVOID THE CROWDS Travelling and road tripping in winter, otherwise off season, means you’ll avoid the crowds and hoards of tourists.

IT’S ROMANTIC AND COSY Winter is the perfect excuse to cosy up to our loved ones in front of a crackling fire and tell them we love them.

GET RUGGED UP Cold weather means you get to layer up and wear warm winter clothing – big scarves, cosy coats, cute hats and warm gloves. In these photos I am wearing a dress from ASOS, this hat, a scarf from ASOS, this coata backpack from ASOS and these sneakers.

IT’S HEATER TIME There’s nothing better than jumping in a car for a road trip and turning the heater on full blast. And there are now cars with heated steering wheels and seats, as well as windshield wiper de-icers, to ensure you have a toasty road trip in winter.

INDULGE IN WINTER ROASTS You get to eat roasts and soups guilt free. They are the ultimate winter staple appearing on menus in restaurants in winter, so indulge and enjoy eating such hearty food.

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ENJOY THE SNOW If you’re lucky to experience snow in winter, don’t stay indoors. Get outside, explore mountains, walk through mist and have a #naturefroth.

BONFIRES BY THE BEACH It doesn’t snow everywhere in the world during winter, so for those of you who live by the coast, grab a group of friends, head to the beach, make a bonfire and cuddle up in rugs to enjoy a fun winters day.

TRY CAMPING Yes, camping! Not only is it cheaper, camping in winter comes without the crowds so you’ll always be able to find your favourite spot. You’ll just need to make sure to pack thermals!

ACCOMMODATION IS CHEAP During winter, accommodation is super cheap. So organise a few roads trips to get bang for your buck.

PLAY BOARD GAMES There really is nothing like winter, sitting in front of a roaring fireplace and playing board games with family and friends. Not to mention sipping on a mug of hot chocolate.

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VISIT WINTER MARKETS Most major cities and towns have winter markets, so why not check them out and treat yourself with a winter warmer.

ENJOY MULLED WINE Like wine? Too cold? Nonsense – just drink mulled wine! I like to include fresh orange rind and cinnamon sticks into my mulled wine recipe.

GET IN THE WATER With a whole host of wetsuits available, surfing is still an option in winter! Not only will you find the breaks less crowded, winter is usually the best time of year to surf due to currents, making the water glassy and the waves perfect.

SHOOTING STARS Typically in winter you’ll be able to shoot some breathtaking astrophotography. So dress warmly, pack your gear and head out to a dark open space to shoot the aurora or northern lights!

MUNCH ON ROASTED CHESTNUTS Easily one of my favourite winter snacks, roasted chestnuts are the perfect winter warmer between meals.

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RUG UP AND PICNIC Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy the outdoors. So rug up and have a picnic!

LESS TRAFFIC There aren’t usually as many people on the roads in winter so relish this up by going on as many traffic free road trips as possible.

CHANGE IN LANDSCAPE The change in landscape from autumn into winter is mind blowing. Enjoy it! Get amongst it!

GO SKIING Winter is the perfect time to hit the slopes!

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