It recently stuck me how many road trips I‘ve been on. Road trips are the sugar to my soul. There is something quite magical about a road trip; it makes me feel utterly wild and free. There are many different types of road trips you can take; there are the quick day trips, a weekend road trip or my personal favourite, the week or two week long road trips. Regardless of the length, there are still some basics you need to remember before you embark on the road trip of a lifetime.

I’ve teamed up with Youi car insurance to create the ultimate Road Trip Checklist, which you can also download and print for free.

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TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY Always tell non-road trip buddies of your plans. This is important in case something happens. And the more detail you give the better. Tell them where you’re going, when you’re leaving and what your expected time of arrival is. If plans change, a simple text, phone call or quick email is best.

GPS AND MAP I’m going to let you in on two little secrets of mine that has helped me on many road trips. Secret #1: I use the Maps app on my iPhone whenever I go on a road trip. I love it because it also shows me traffic and I know which areas therefore to avoid. But it also chews up my data. So before I set off, I map out the route and then turn my data off. My location is still tracked by GPS – brilliant! Just remember not to close down the app otherwise you’ll have to turn on your data again. And this brings me to my second secret. Secret #2: I often go on road trips where I’ll be out of phone and data range. And sometimes I’ve lost the directions on the iPhone Maps but GPS still tracks my location and I’ve used this in many sticky situations to know where I am. I use this until I get back into range, then I put my data back on and set the Map again. So simple but such a lifesaver! Failing all of the above but also just as essential, a paper map (my absolute favourite) needs to be included in your road trip arsenal.

PHONE CHARGER Now, taking a phone charger really depends on the road trip you’re taking. If you’re like me, I sometimes go on a road trip where I completely switch off from technology. It’s so refreshing. Besides, isn’t that what people had to do back in the day? However having a mobile phone is essential in case of emergency, emails, maps etc. So make sure you bring your charger and have an adaptor in the car with you so you can charge your mobile whilst driving.

INSURANCE AND ROAD SIDE ASSIST This is without a doubt the single most important item on this Road Trip Checklist. In Australia, you can’t drive without car insurance. So make sure you keep your insurance and roadside assist documents in the glove compartment. If you’re looking to renew or upgrade your car insurance, take a look at what Youi. The same also applies for making sure your car is road worthy. The romanticism of driving a beat up Kombi Van can come crashing down into reality when it constantly breaks down, so ensure your car is properly serviced and road worthy before you head off.

SNACKS AND DRINKS Umm, essential! Everyone loves a road trip snack but I like to keep it healthy and fresh. The best approach is to get organised by pre-making snacks or even researching where you can buy healthy snacks if you have a destination in mind. I like to make my own Trail Mix of mixed nuts and seeds, naturally dried fruit (no sulfur – it’s bad for your tummy!).

MUSIC Goes without saying! Depending on where you’re road tripping, sometimes you’ll drive in black spots where you have no radio. Never fear! This is the perfect opportunity to make some mixed tapes and playlists on your iPhone. Just remember your iPhone charger!

DOWNLOAD HERE: Mister Weekender Road Trip Checklist


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Youi. Concept and content created by Jaharn Giles for Mister Weekender.