Some of you may remember, earlier this year I won a blogging competition with The Remarkables Group. I entered on a whim and had no expectations I would get anywhere, yet a little while later I found out I was a finalist with four other travel bloggers. We were set a series of content challenges that were being judged by The Remarkables Group, Lisa Messenger from The Collective and Qantas – talk about nervous! You can see what I created here, here and here. Fast forward a few weeks later I was jumping off a long haul flight from Greece and racing in a car over to Surry Hills in Sydney to an event where the winners in each category (travel, beauty, fashion, lifestyle) were being announced. Fighting a haze of jet lag, literally ten minutes later I was announced as the winner in the travel category and my friend was thrusting me on stage to collect my award. It was amazing!

Amongst a suite of incredible prizes including a feature in The Collective, I have become a Qantas Brand Influencer and get to work with them on several projects. To kick off my blog post series, it felt right to bring Qantas to you in the name of a Business Class Review.

Flight: QF589

Destination: Brisbane to Perth

Date: Thursday 22th September 2016


Flight: QF594

Destination: Perth to Brisbane

Date: Monday 26th September 2016

If there is one thing you have to experience in your lifetime when you travel, it’s this – Business Class. It really is another world, although it has one problem - you won’t ever want to fly Economy again.

So what did I think?



When you travel Qantas Business Class, you are guided to a different security line. This means you don’t have to wait with the majority of travellers who mostly fly Economy. I loved this as it means during peak travel times, I was able to get through security faster.


One of the (many) benefits of flying Business Class with Qantas is that it gives travellers direct access to the Qantas Business Lounge regardless if you’re a member or not. This was quite a pleasant surprise. I have been in my fair share of airline lounges in my time but the thrill never evades me – plush lounges, lots of natural light, delicious food and drinks, and space to charge my tech. It gets me every time. And I just feel so calm.


The benefits of travelling Business Class don’t stop at the Lounge. Upon arriving at the gate, I was able to (again) avoid a long boarding queue by being able to use the Business Class queue. Walking down the aerobridge, the entrance to the Business Class section of the plane was different to the Economy Class section of the plane. So down I went and wow, did I feel like royalty!


Flying to Perth can take anywhere between four to six hours, depending on the winds. So if you want to fly Business Class in Australia and make your pennies worth it, this is the sector you want to fly. After being welcomed by the friendly cabin staff, shown my seat and handed a glass of champagne, I made myself at home onboard the A330-200 by throwing the cosy blanket over me and placing the pillow behind my back for extra comfort.

Now I was expecting a seat, perhaps a bit bigger and plusher than Economy, but I got a whole lot more. Designed in collaboration with Marc Newson, the A330 plane offers lie-flat Business Suites, allowing passengers to recline their seats completely to a bed. Amazing. Additionally, each seat included a very large television Panasonic eX3 screen with a wide selection of entertainment. The movie variety was good, and I soon found myself engrossed in The Jungle Book!


Service aboard is luxury at its finest. The cabin supervisor made a point to introduce themselves on both flights, strike up a genuine conversation and ensure I was comfortable throughout the flight. I never felt harassed or forgotten about; they striked the perfect balance.


As you would expect with Qantas, so too was the meal service. Before take-off on each flight, I was handed a three course menu to choose from. The main meals (and dessert) I chose were:

- QF589: Porcini mushroom and parmesan egg white omelette with cherry tomatoes and basil - QF594: Roast pork with pistachio and sage, caponata, herb butter and wilted spinach - QF594: Maple and white chocolate mousse with poached pears and macadamia nut crumble

Overall, my experience with Qantas was incredible. From arriving at the airport to picking my bag up from the carousel at the other end, travelling Business Class is exactly that – an experience. One that makes you feel very, very special. I give the airline five out of five stars.


My window seat was utterly plush and very comfortable! 


The view from my seat as we were waiting to take off in Brisbane


My little nook, which allowed me to store magazines, my purse and headphones


Breakfast, so delicious! And healthy! 

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