There is nothing better than escaping the city and unwinding amongst nature. For those in search of adventure on their days off, like myself, I absolutely love discovering new hiking tracks and going off piste. As a travel writer and an avid hiker, it’s important for me to be able to connect and share these stunning hiking trails. When I want to share these hiking trails in real time on Instagram, for example, sometimes I am unable to because my mobile has run out of battery.

Recently I went to Hyams Beach on the south coast of NSW for a weekend of camping by the beach with friends. With no available power source, I had heard a lot about the various recharge packs on the market for travellers and decided to take along a Mophie Juice Pack PRO and give it a try.

Perfect for those in search of adventure and regular travel, the Juice Pack combines rugged good looks and military-grade protection. The perfect adventure companion, the Juice Pack added up to 150% more power to my iPhone.

I found it much easier using the Juice Pack than worrying about trying to find a power point. I also felt that I didn’t need to be too conscious with how much I was using my iPhone over the weekend. I felt confident I had enough battery to use my iPhone freely. I also enjoyed being able to throw my phone around more than usual as the Juice Pack protects against extreme environmental conditions including sand, dust, dirt, mud, snow, rain, bumps, shocks and scratches.

Unfortunately the instructions weren’t too clear and it actually took a while to figure out how to open the pack initially. However once it was opened, it was very easy and stylish to use.

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