Sometimes every now and then a girl needs a weekend away with her #girlgang. You know – cocktails, talking about boys, swimming at the beach, cocktails, long lazy lunches, shopping and cocktails. Get my drift? Every year, my closest friends and I plan a girls Christmas get together. We get together at one of our houses, cook up a storm over lunch, drink lots of champagne, and don’t stop laughing and talking. And it doesn’t matter where we live – Sydney, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast – we make it happen every Christmas.

But this year, we decided to plan a girl’s weekend away. With weddings, babies, and mortgages starting to dominate our conversations, we thought it would be a good idea to get away from our everyday lives and enjoy a little escape with each other.

Now it’s no easy feat organising a bunch of girls to converge on the same destination, on the same weekend. So with this in mind I thought it would a great idea to share with you my tips for planning a girls weekend away. Whether your #girlgang vaycay is weekly, monthly or yearly, you’ll need these tips.

1. DECIDE WHO YOU WILL BE INVITING Now for many of you, this will be the easiest step because you know who your #girlgang is. I sure do – Ruth, Tina and Ness. However, for many of you with lots of girl friends from all walks of life, this first step might be a little tricky. The key to deciding who you will be inviting is down to who you want to connect with the most and who comes first to mind first. Will your #girlgang be friends from high school, work or your local hiking club?

2. DECIDE WHERE YOU WILL BE GOING This second step is crucial to planning the ultimate girls weekend away because more than likely, your #girlgang will live in different cities, and maybe countries! So you need to be mindful how your friends will be able to travel to your weekend destination. My friends and I live in Sydney, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, so we knew straight away Byron Bay would be the perfect location because it’s a quick flight from Sydney, a short drive from Brisbane and a three-hour drive from the Sunshine Coast. So my best advice is to choose a location that is convenient for everyone.

3. DECIDE WHEN YOU WILL BE GOING To be honest, any time of the year is perfect for planning a girl’s weekend away. However, there are obviously peak times throughout the year that will be more expensive and family intensive – Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, public holidays. You also need to factor in weather; do you want to snuggle up alongside a roaring fireplace toasting marshmallows after a day of skiing, or do you want to prop up the umbrella and spend your weekend swimming at the beach with the girls?

Bonus Tip: Get the dates and location locked in everyone’s diaries as soon as possible; the key to planning a successful girls weekend away is selecting and committing to a weekend.

4. DECIDE WHERE TO STAY Accommodation – the holy grail of the best girls weekend away! First up, you need to all agree on a budget. Make sure everyone is one the same page because you will have friends who are happy to spend anything, and you will have friends who need to keep an eye on every dollar they spend. So be mindful of everyone’s budgets. You then need to all pitch in and research accommodation options – apartment, townhouse, hotels, Airbnb, lodge, cabin. I find it best when you all come back to each other with three options and cast a vote.

Or maybe there is a place you and the girls have wanted to stay at for quite a while, so choosing your accommodation will be a fairly quick and easy process. For our trip this year, the choice was simple – The Byron at Byron. Every single one of us girls has wanted to stay here, for like, aaaaages. So as soon as we knew Byron Bay was out destination, we also knew The Byron at Byron was out first choice. Offering the perfect mix of relaxation and fun, we stayed in a private bungalow nestled in the bush in front of Tallow Beach. Whilst we were at the retreat, we mostly spent our time sipping cocktails by the pool and indulging in a few pampering sessions at the Spa – mandatory. I think what we liked most about The Byron at Byron is we could do as little, or as much, as we wanted.

5. DECIDE WHAT TO SEE AND DO I like to keep this step in the planning phase fairly loose, but it’s always a really good idea to know what everyone wants to get out of the trip. I think it’s important to strike the perfect balance between activities and relaxation, as well as dining and drinking. It’s also important to know that not everyone in your #girlgang will want to spend a morning by the pool, or doing a half day hike, or a day trip to the beach. So it’s ok to break up for parts of the day, and meet up again later.

Tips for planning a girls weekend Enjoying a leisurely walk at sunset at my favourite spot in Byron - Tallow Beach!

Byron at Byron Our gorgeous lodge at The Byron at Byron

Tips for planning a girls weekend Photographing local surfers was a fun way to spend our afternoon at Tallow Beach!

Byron at Byron No girls weekend away is complete without a private bathtub

Tips for planning a girls weekend My #girlgang

Byron at Byron Pillow fights, you wish!

Byron at Byron Walking along the lush rainforest covered boardwalk at The Byron at Byron

Byron at Byron Daily buffet breakfast at The Byron at Byron was delicious!

Byron at Byron We spent a lot of time by the pool enjoying cocktails...

Tips for planning a girls weekend If you ever get to visit Byron Bay, make sure you watch sunset from Tallow Beach!

Byron at Byron Walking through the rainforest in and around The Byron at Byron

Tips for planning a girls weekend Me and my #girlgang

Byron at Byron The breakfast at The Byron at Byron was super healthy!

Tips for planning a girls weekend Another beautiful start to the day at Tallow Beach

Byron at Byron Our daily view at breakfast at The Byron at Byron


This post is in collaboration with The Byron at Byron.