Ask anyone who knows me well and they'll tell you Lake Hillier has long been on my bucket list. Well, I got to see this renowned natural pink lake with my very own eyes thanks to Australia’s Golden Outback and Goldfields Air Services.  

For those of you who don't know, I spent a week exploring beautiful Esperance in Western Australia with Jason and Dusty, thanks to Australia’s Golden Outback. To see where we stayed, read this post. And to find out what my favourite beaches are in Esperance, check out this post.

Lake Hillier is located on Middle Island, the largest island in the Recherche Archipelago in Western Australia. This spectacular land locked pink lake is only accessible by sea or air, and its colour is due to the presence of dunaliella salina (a micro-algae) especially found in highly saline water. And best of all, the vibrant colour of Lake Hillier is permanent.

You can explore Lake Hillier by land or sea, and for this occasion, I experienced the spectacular lake from above. To give these photos scontext, I was sitting in an eight seat, solo chartered flight with my pilot Will from Goldfields Air Services. We flew up to 1,500 ft from which I was able to completely open the door of the plane (wearing a seatbelt of course) and take as many photos as my heart desired, without the worry of glare from the plane windows ruining my shots. We flew for almost two hours, up and down the coast, over Cape Le Grand National Park and over to Lake Hillier on Middle Island. The view is always best from above, isn't it? 

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