When I started my travel blog I had no idea it would take me all around the world. In the space of two years I’ve hiked in the dry 40 degree heat to Machu Picchu in Peru, I’ve watched rock climbers ascend Half Dome at dusk in Yosemite National Park, I’ve seen active lava bubble and burn trees in Hawaii, I’ve walked on sea shell beaches along the Bay of Fires in Tasmania, I’ve cycled and laughed my way across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, I’ve eaten $2 pho in Vietnam with a local family who couldn’t pronounce my name, I’ve walked across ancient glaciers in Iceland with a rainbow glistening above, and I’ve gone sand dune buggy riding in Dubai in the freezing cold at sunrise. As you can see I love to travel, it’s great. But there is no place like home. And the more I travel, the more I look forward to coming home. Don’t get me wrong, I love travelling the world where I have the freedom to discover new places and meet new people. But more often than not, I most look forward to the buzz I get when I am boarding my last flight home.

Coming home means something different to everyone. For me, it’s that feeling I get when I throw my suitcase in my car, turn the engine on and drive home as I listen to my favourite podcast. It’s that feeling I get when my feet hit the sand and I take in the salty air at my favourite spot in Byron Bay, Tallow Beach (see above and below photos!). It’s that feeling I get when I order a delicious acai bowl from my favourite cafe Skal in Peregian. It’s that feeling I get when I see my better half for the first time after being on the road for weeks. It’s that feeling I get when I cook a homemade meal using fresh, local ingredients. It’s that feeling I get when I fall asleep in my own bed with my own pillows. Coming home means so much to me, and it may or may not differ for you so read on to find out – and to get your free travel printables...!

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TRAVEL MAKES ME FALL IN LOVE WITH MY OWN BACKYARD We all know that incredibly inspiring and uplifting Qantas television ad from about six or so years ago. You know, the one where the choir of children sing “I Still Call Australia Home” in iconic locations around Australia and made every single Australian feel proud to call Australia home? Well that’s exactly how travel makes me feel – it makes me fall in love with my own backyard. When I come home from a trip I’m already planning adventures close to home, and for me, there is nothing like planning an adventure in my own backyard. Whether it be a weekend camping trip to Double Island Point, a hiking adventure in Pomona or simply a swim at the beach at Little Cove in Noosa, there is nothing like falling in love with my own backyard time and time again after being on the road.

TRAVEL MAKES ME MORE CREATIVE My best ideas come when I travel because I am so inspired by the places I visit and the people I meet on the road. However it’s when I come home where I realise how refreshed I feel and how mindful I have become. Creative rut? Never! Being home after travelling allows me to be as creative as I want to be.

TRAVEL MAKES ME APPRECIATE THE SMALL STUFF Through my travels, I have visited some incredibly beautiful places and met some seriously inspiring people. It’s these moments which make me appreciate the small stuff at home; such as the smell of the salty ocean air when I open my car door after driving from the airport in Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast, or listening to the sound of eucalyptus leaves rustling in the wind above me when I’m hiking, or catching up with friends over brunch and hearing them laugh at the stories I tell them from my latest trip. This is why travel makes me appreciate the small stuff.

TRAVEL MAKES ME HAPPIER When I come home from travelling, I realise how much happier I am. Whether it’s meeting new people on the road, exploring a new destination, eating unusual food or speaking a different language, travel brings new experiences which makes me a much happier person when I am home. And who wouldn’t love that!

TRAVEL MAKES ME GRATEFUL FOR MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, and it really does. I love being living with my better half and I love being able to see my friends and family at the drop of a hat. But it never ceases to amaze me how much I miss my friends and loved ones when I am on the road. Skype is great for staying connected, but this nothing in comparison to seeing their eyes alight with happiness when I see them, because I know I am mirroring their feelings as well.

Let's get printy!

To celebrate that inexplicable feeling of coming home I’ve chosen eight of my favourite photos, which I’ve snapped whilst travelling around the world, and created posters using some of my favourite travel quotes - which you can download and print for free! Below are a few little teasers to get you excited from destinations including Iceland, Hawaii, Canada and more!

All you need to do is click this link and enjoy the printables till your heart’s content. Put them on your travel inspo board at home as a reminder to keep saving for your next adventure, give them to your friends to frame and keep on their desks at work, or frame one of the posters for your family as a reminder that there is no place like home.