Knowing where to stay when you are looking for accommodation can get a little overwhelming. I’ve said this often; with so many websites vying for my attention it can totally put me off and often I feel like giving up. Now whilst I love booking sites such as Airbnb and Booking.com, word of mouth is the most impactful way to find somewhere nice to stay. So let me in on a little secret… If anyone is thinking of ticking Canada off their bucket list in the next couple of years and are looking to spend time in Banff and Canmore, which you absolutely have to, the choices of places to stay are endless ans suit all budgets. When I book a holiday, I like to stay a few nights somewhere on the cheaper side and a few nights somewhere utterly luxurious. For the latter, I would like to introduce you to Mount Engadine Lodge.

Canmore Accommodation

A hidden, and ultra private, lodge nestled amongst a forest of pine trees, Mount Engadine Lodge looks like it should belong in a Christmas snow globe. It’s located about 45 minutes drive into the wilderness from the town of Canmore. There is no reception, and that’s exactly what you want when you stay here.

Mount Engadine Lodge is all inclusive, which means all of your meals are provided. And trust me, after a long day of exploring this is exactly what you need. But don’t be fooled by the historic nature of ‘all inclusive’. The chef at Mount Engadine Lodge knows a thing or two about mastering the art of cooking.

When I stayed at the Lodge, breakfast consisted of a daily fresh fruit salad and something freshly baked, like a cinnamon roll (oh my goodness – I would come back time and time again just to have this cinnamon roll), plus two choices of breakfast – usually something sweet, such as French Toast or savoury, such as Mexican enchilada with eggs. For lunch, the Lodge knows you’ll be busy exploring the wilderness (and hopefully spotting a moose or a bear) so they pack you a lunch in a brown paper bag – too cute! All you need to do choose what ingredients you would like on a sandwhich plus they’ll throw in some raw veggies, a home baked biscuit and a piece of fruit. And dinner, well it’s a three course meal of heaven. Now if you come home in the afternoon, the chef will also happily pull together a little charcuterie plate for you to enjoy down by the lake; I BYO'd my own Victorinox Pocket Knife because I cannot adventure without it and it was the perfect (luxury) accompaniment after a long day on the trails. All you need to do is rug up, grab a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses, enjoy and hopefully spot a moose or two.

Now food isn’t the only reason why anyone would want to stay at Mount Engadine Lodge, but I am not going to deny it, the food really is that good! But aside from this the view, the location and the rooms are absolutely divine. As are the staff, the communal lounge areas and fireplaces downstairs. I never wanted to leave and this is the first place, in a very long time, where I genuinely found myself very sad to leave. I will be back, you can count on it.

TRIP NOTES What: Mount Engadine Lodge Where: Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada When: All year round although it might get Website: www.mountengadine.com Reservations: mountengadine@castleavery.ca Contact: (403) 678-4080


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