As you guys knows I am all about creating a community of likeminded nomads, so I am really excited to introduce you to three talented travel bloggers who are joining Mister Weekender as the new global contributors! Let me introduce you to our Europe contributor Lisa from The Wandering Lens, our USA and South America contributor Jess from Bon Traveler, our Australian and Asia contributor Phoebe from Little Grey Box. They’ll be jetsetting around the world sharing their adventures and travel hacks with you right here on Mister Weekender. So make sure you check out their gorgeous websites and follow them on Instagram - @the_wanderinglens @bontraveler @littlegreybox.

To kick off the genuinely inspiring nomadic lifestyles these girls live, Jess from Bon Traveler is going to take you on a journey to a destionatin which has long been on my bucket list – Moab in the Utah Desert. Take it away Jess!

Moab Under Canvas

For those of you who love adventure and the wilderness, there is one destination you need to put on your bucket list right now – Moab in the United States. Tucked in the scenic desert of Utah lies an experience truly second to none. Close to nature, far from city lights, and under a canvas tent, there is no better way to experience Moab than with Moab Under Canvas.

Located next to the iconic Arches National park and Canyonlands, Moab Under Canvas holds up to every photo I have seen online. The luxury tents are fitted out with the best in amenities, some even featuring an ensuite bathroom. Pulling back the corners of the tent to watch the sunrise over the desert reminded me that there is a whole world to discover.

Though my full size bed and complimentary coffee kept me occupied and relaxed, the promise of adventure, the silence of nature and bright starry nights reminded me that I can truly escape via a ‘glamping’ experience.

Arches National Park, a short 10 minutes from the surreal glamping experience, meant I was able to spend as much time in the park as I wanted. With wide open arches, wind carved rock formations and cactus-spotted landscapes, Moab is a world of its own. What I found most humbling about this experience is the ability of the desert to draw those looking to be still, or active, in an array of activities. My highlights? The Delicate Arch, the Double Arch, the Windows and the Landscape Arch. In fact, the entire park is like a scene from the Planet of the Apes.

After a day of exploring and taking in the desert sun, I returned back to the accommodation and was met with a community of teepees and safari tents dotting the horizon with a promise of comfort for this weary adventurer. As the sun died down, the quiet became more real with the chirping of insects echoing in the distance, and the laughter of my neighbouring campers reminiscing of the day’s adventure. This is what a night in the desert is meant to be like.

TRIP NOTES What: Moab Under Canvas Where: Moab, Utah Desert, United States When: Seasonal from March to October Website: www.moabundercanvas.com Reservations: 801 895 3213

Moab Under Canvas Moab Under Canvas ArchesNationalPark3 Moab Under Canvas

ArchesNationalPark3 Moab Under Canvas

ArchesNationalPark Moab Under Canvas