Congratulations for making it to Week Three of my Living With Less Challenge! Knowing how to live with less is not easy, so I hope you have enjoyed de-cluttering your wardrobe and your home over the last 14 days. I bet you feel like a new person and living like a minimalist is getting easier! For the third week of the challenge, I want you to focus on the technology in your life. TELEVISION How many televisions do you have in your house? If you answered more than two, get rid of the rest. Immediately. You don not need that many. And as a rule, do not have any televisions in the bedroom; this is a place for relaxation, time with your loved one (wink wink), and sleep.

MOBILE DEVICES How many mobile devices do you own? Let me guess – mobile phones, laptops, iPads and more? Honestly you don’t need that much technology. It stops you from being present. Not to mention it clutters your living areas at home. Get rid of a few.

EMAIL People who live a minimalist life are more productive. It’s a fact. Is your Inbox absolute chaos? If so, clean it out. Delete unnecessary emails. Organise your folders. Unsubscribe to newsletters you don’t read. I recently used this amazing tool that unsubscribes you from any newsletter from the one place and it has completely changed my life. For more tips on how to simplify your email, take a look at this.

MOBILE PHONES Living life as a minimalist includes the time you spend on your mobile phone. I’m not interested about how many you own, but I am interested in how mobile phones take up your mental space. These days I can’t even get on the bus or train without every commuter being glued to their phones. Boring. What’s worse is that posture is going to be a huge problem in a few years as a result of people hunching over their phones.

This stops now. De-clutter your mind by turning your phone off when you go to bed and not turning it on again until the following morning, when you get home from the gym or when you get to work. Start living in the real world, get outside and go on an adventure!

Have you experienced any struggles with de-cluttering your wardrobe and home? Most people I talk to say they find it difficult to part with their ‘things’ but when they do, they feel like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. I’d love to know how this journey is making you feel!