It happened when I moved home from London with nothing except for one suitcase, and a couple of boxes that were being shipped to Australia. Without making a conscience decision, I began to live a minimalist life. I culled down my wardrobe. I went on an information diet. I stopped buying furniture I didn’t need. I started getting outdoors more. Living a minimalist life felt irrefutably good. However for as long as I can remember, we have been in the constant pursuit of owning and consuming more. We have to buy the latest televisions, mobile phones and computers. We have to have a presence on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. We have to buy the trendiest clothes, cars and homes.

But deep down we all know we don’t need these ‘things’ in our lives – they don’t make us happier. They might put a smile on our face in the short term, but in the long term we soon forget about them and they are replaced with other ‘things’. It’s a never-ending cycle that has us wanting more, more and more.

But what if we found more happiness in owning less?

Having fewer things would change the way we use our time, energy and money. It would change how we think and what we chose to focus on. It would leave time to pursue the things in life that we value the most.

Ever since I started living a minimalist life over three years ago, I now have more time for travel, adventure, education and cabins. These are the things I value the most and pursue. Living a clutter free life is incredible; I feel better, I have more time, and I am happy! But I do realise living a minimalist life is no easy accomplishment, especially if you find it hard to part with things you’ve bought or if you are used to consuming more.

With that in mind, I’ve written a three week ‘Living With Less Challenge’ to help you declutter and focus on the important things in life; you might find some irrelevant, but you might find you are practising some already. Whichever, I challenge you to try my Living With Less challenge over the next three weeks and see how you go. It might be a bit tough at the start but I can assure you, step by step, you are going to feel great by the end of the month!

WEEK ONE: YOUR WARDROBE The best place to start living a life with less is your wardrobe. Take all of your clothes out of your wardrobe and storage. Place them into three piles – items you want to keep, items you are undecided about and items you don’t want to keep.

Firstly, sort through the clothes you don’t want to keep into two piles – one that you can donate to charity, the other to throw out. With the clothes you’re undecided about, be ruthless. If you haven’t worn an item for three months or less, donate it or bin it. Don’t hold onto any items ‘just in case’. Remember, iving a minimalist life is about living with less.

With the items you do want to keep, put them into two piles – one for autumn/winter and one for spring/summer. Depending what time of the year it is wherever you live, put one pile back into your wardrobe and store the other pile safely until the new season.

This is a little trick I’ve used for years. It’s starting to get really cold in Sydney, so I have packed away my spring/summer clothes and recently unpacked my autumn/winter clothes. It was so refreshing pulling out items I hadn’t worn in months; it was as if they were ‘new’ again. Way better than rushing out to buy a whole new wardrobe, don’t you think?


Best of luck with your first week of the 28 Day Living With Less Challenge! If you have any questions or want to share your experience, I'd love to hear from you! To move onto Week Two: Living With Less Challenge, Your Home - click here.